Let there be light

I’ve got a few posts forming in my mind and stirring in my heart, but in the mean time I just want to share this thought with you.


The song ‘He is the Lord’ has the lyric “Spoke in to the darkness created the light.”
In Genesis 1 vs 3 says: “And God said ‘Let there be light’ and there was light” vs 1 and 2 are focused on telling us how dark it was and how God was there.


The FIRST thing God EVER did, was break the darkness with light.


In our darkness, or in the darkness of our world, we sometimes find ourselves questioning if God is really enough, if His light and truth can really break into our circumstances and the situations around us. We wonder if light can ever penetrate the deep darkness of this earth.


God set the precedence for the rest of eternity, when the first thing he did was break the darkness with light. It was his top priority, his most pressing desire. To shatter the darkness, to overcome it with light.