2014 – Slimming Down

I have decided to slim down my life this year, less social media, only reading one book at a time, follow less blogs, get rid of things and clutter, cut down commitments to the things I am actually committed to – you get the idea. My hope is that in slimming life down I’ll have more time for the most important things in life, and more time to grow into the person I am supposed to be. By slimming down it will take a lot less time and energy to stay on top of things and to stay organised – think of all that saved stress! If I don’t have to be stressed about simply getting through each day then I can start enjoying my moments more and I hope I can have more time and energy to give away to others.

I normally have a one word for the year. In 2013 my word was rest, and I did learn some lessons, but it wasn’t my most successful word yet. I don’t know why. This year I haven’t got a word yet – and I’m not stressing about it – maybe it will find me at some point, or maybe not. Either way it doesn’t matter.

I started my slimming down journey yesterday by deleting my Facebook account. I’ve been talking about taking the plunge for ages, and finally I took a deep breath and just jumped right in (or out). Why do I need Facebook? I can talk with people close by, and those further afield I can email with. If people don’t want to do that then frankly maybe it’s time to let them go.
I can see the benefit already. This morning rather than scrolling through Facebook to see what people had been up to – I got up! And now instead of wasting time reading status’ I’ve actually found time to blog.
Don’t fret – I am still on twitter, and have no plans to leave that any time soon.

I hope to blog occasionally about how my slimming down journey is going and if it’s proving to be worth it or not.

How about you? What are you hoping for in 2014?


One Word 2012- TRUST

No Resolutions,

No lists of things to accomplish,

No new endevours,

Just one word, simply one word, a year marked by one word. [Find out more about One Word here]



I have written before, I am entering 2012 in a way I have never entered a year before.
No set plans

No vague plans

No agenda

No knowledge of what the year ahead holds
Just a foreboding- yet exciting – emptiness, freedom, uncertainty, a year with great potential, yet no path through it.


I sat thinking about 2012, 2012, that one date that everyone kept mentioning, 2012, it filed me with a sense of fear and panic, it made me want to close my ears. Why? It’s just a date, it’s just another year. I pleaded with my father in heaven, “Search my heart, show me why I hate hearing those two words -twenty twelve -“. I sat and waited. I realized, 2012, the year of a blank canvas, not a fresh start, there is nothing on my agenda to start, just a blank canvass of nothingness, as far as my eyes can see. I poured out my heart, cried out my emotions, asked God to see this through His eyes, the eyes that see further and clearer than mine, the eyes that have an eternal perspective. I felt my heart slow, my body relax, my mind be at peace, and my spirit uplifted. A blank canvas; the potential to do anything, anything, God could ask of me; the freedom to go wherever, be whoever, do whatever; the expectation of working for eternity, no barriers from pre-set plans.


A few evenings later I sat, in a dark, cold room, doodling by candle-light. What could my One Word be? I wanted something different, thought provoking, poetic sounding, profound. I tossed the possibilities over and over in my mind, I wrote them down in fancy letters,  I rolled them off my tongue. Then I heard it, a whisper to my heart. “Trust”. Trust? How normal, simple, boring. I heard it again, a little more forceful this time “Trust” . My heart clenched, my mind screamed, my eyes closed, my ears tried to be deaf, but you cannot silence the voice of God. Trust, the word, simple, boring. Trust, the action, difficult, vulnerable, scary.


In amongst the uncertainty, the chaos of the year ahead I need to constantly trust, over and over again, moment by moment choose to trust God. Choose to trust the One who is bigger than I, who has a plan, for whom nothing surprises, who wants only good for me, who is working to build eternity.


So in 2012 I will rely, I will lean on God. I will attempt to TRUST.


I’ll be posting a review of my progress with my One Word every 3 months, and no doubt it will shape many other posts. So come back, keep me accountable, see how TRUST is shaping my life.

I’d love to hear from you – how have you learnt to Trust more?

What is your One Word, or resolutions for 2012?

No Promise Of An Easy Life


Over the past few days I have read many a status on facebook, and twitters, declaring how great 2012 is going to be, especially for those who believe. This evening as I read one too many of those I wrote the following status:

“I’m sick of hearing how, for those who have faith, 2012 is going to be awesome. Just because you believe and trust in God and Jesus Messiah, it doesn’t mean the year ahead will be awesome. We live in a messed up world, and pain and hardships hit us all, Jesus follower or not. The year ahead may be great, it may also be truly horrific. All I know is that God is unchanging, and is faithful to give us the grace to endure whatever comes our way. So stop telling me if I have faith and truly believe then the year ahead will be amazing, and stop making those who have, are, or will experience painful times feel guilty and unworthy.”


Something rose up inside of me. Was is compassion for those who I know feel guilty when such things are said, was it righteous anger, was it defensiveness, was it a lack of grace, was it bitterness for the way those words sometimes stab me? I suspect it was a combination of all of these things.


I truly believe that the brokenness of this world affects us all, and although God is faithful to carry us through, and will give us the grace to endure, and will never let us face more than with Him we can handle, he doesn’t cushion us from the pain. He doesn’t promise to make our lives wonderful and smooth all the time. He doesn’t promise that our 2012’s will be amazing. But he does promise that He will be amazing in our 2012’s.