About Me

In reading this blog I hope that you will discover who I am. But for a quick overview here are a few key points:

  • I travel, a lot. I’ve lived in many places, and that has had a big impact on who I am.
  • I am a follow of Jesus Christ, who came to enable us to have a relationship with God, by dying on a cross he defeated death and paid the price for sin, making us right before God, if only we will call upon His name, there is no price for me to pay, it is a free gift, undeserved favor, grace.
  • I love being active. Mainly I love to dance, in particular I love ballet.
  • I have chronic illnesses which sometimes limits me physically, but I’m learning that being physically limited doesn’t mean your life is limited.

But mainly:

I am just a normal girl, trying to glorify God, seeking Him out, and trying to remain faithful. Just a normal woman, knowing that God is faithful even when we are not, knowing that when I am weak THEN I am strong, for his grace is enough and his strength is made perfect in my weakness, knowing that when I stumble He will always be there to pick me up.


One Comment on “About Me”

  1. I am enjoying reading your back story and earlier posts. Finding someone who shares their story, their life in authenticity encourages me to continue, too. It’s such a vulnerable place, but very rich.

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