50 Things About Me … that you might not know.

I’ve been in a bit of a writing funk recently – just not been able to focus to write anything. Sometimes I don’t blog for a while, but normally I am still writing elsewhere, but recently I’ve just not written anywhere. When I was on tour I was insanely busy, and the little time I did have off, after communicating so much all I wanted to do was be totally introverted and not communicate in any way shape or form with anyone. Then there’s been a lot of moving about and being surrounded by boxes and mess, and paint cans, and other such things. Then there just been the lack of routine and focus.

All these are coming to an end – hurray! I’ve got myself a new blogging routine in place, and soon I will be hosting a weekly link-up for my online community group, so I will HAVE to be blogging at least once a week! I’m hoping this will all help.

For now, to try and help me get out of this funk I’m going to write a list; inspired by my blogging friend, amazing person, and great inspiration Alece (why not hop over and check out her writing?)

Here we go…

50 things you might not know about me:

1. English is my mother tongue, but I often think and dream in other languages.2. I spent years thinking I was 1/4 Swedish after my brothers tricked me.
3. I love brushing my teeth – it just makes everything seem better.
4. Good news makes me cry more often than bad news does.
5. I used to have the top side of my wrist pierced (staple bar).
6. I had my tongue pierced, (and I LOVED it), until one day I swallowed the whole thing and couldn’t get it replaced fast enough.
7. I have had many other piercings. The anti-tragus hurt the most.
8. … but one day I decided to de-metal myself.
9. I love stationary – I just wish I had a stable enough home to collect it more!
10. I was a tom-boy growing up.
11. … sometimes I wonder if that was just thrust upon me.
12. … because now I love being a girl; hair, make-up, nails, massages, candles, getting dressed up, heels, etc.
13. I have been a ballet dancer since I was 2, it’s been the one constant in my life – yet I rarely talk about it.
14. I still have a ton of my tutu’s from when I was a student – it’s the only thing I’ve kept.
15. I can’t wait to be a mom.
16. I love getting snail-mail, it’s just the best.
17. I live a constant battle between wanting to serve and obey God and wanting to have money.
18. I struggle to stop ugly words and talk come out of my mouth.
19. I am very indecisive.
20. I like peas, a lot.
21. I dislike sandwiches – please don’t make me eat them if I come for lunch.
22. I love sung worship, I’d sit and sing my worship all day if I could.
23. … but I don’t really like church (I know, I’m a bad bad missionary)
24. I love people, a lot. (My brother used to tell me off for saying that ‘everyone is lovely’; I used to say “but everyone is, in some way or another”.
25. I’m an introvert – many of my friends find it hard to believe.
26. I have to be extroverted a lot of the time, hence people finding it hard to beleive I’m an introvert.
27. I can’t do a cartwheel, not even a little bit.
28. I’ve met several members of the British royal family.
29. My mom used to defend me and say my anger issues were just “Misplaced passion” and someday God would use it for Him.
30. … she was right, God now uses that passion to get me to go to crazy places and do crazy things for Him.
31. I love traveling.
32. But more and more I find it hard not having roots and a stable home.
33. The more I travel the more I realize the world is all very similar.
34. Sometimes I wonder if I have traveled too much, because very little surprises or shocks me anymore.
35. I pray daily that God will not let my heart be hardened or become numb to the pain and suffering around me.
36. I love chocolate – but I’m actually kind of fussy about what kind it is.
37. I like silver and white gold.
38. I love a paper book, but kindles are so much more practical for my life.
39. I often meet awesome people and then have to say goodbye weeks later.
40. I have run half-marathons (once with no training – don’t do that)
41. I love working out.
42. I wanted to be a doctor or some kind of medical person growing up.
43. There is still a little bit of that dream in me.
44. I get cold easily, most of the time in fact.
45. I love getting flowers – but not lilies, they make me sneeze.
46. I am the most undisciplined person I know.
47. I really don’t like fish or water creatures – eating, seeing, touching, I just don’t like them.
48. I am terrified of moths, and scared of butterflies.
49. I don’t like talking on the phone – please text me.
50. I really didn’t think I would get to 50.

There you go, maybe you feel like you know me just a little bit better now.
Leave me a comment and tell me something about yourself that I might not know.

(Note: Alece is now doing a link-up on this which I totally had NO clue about before I wrote this!)


Airport etiquette

There is certain etiquettes that should be followed at airports. Some of those
concern the usage of the sleeping loungers. These are fairly rare things that are found in transfer airports across the world. Because of their scarcity they are often full, this there is ettiquette to allow everyone to get some rest.


1. You move, you lose. If you need to move for some reason you are not allowed to save your lounger by leaving some personal belonging on it. If you need to pee- too bad, your turn is up. You move, you lose.

2. When you’re done resting, start walking. Loungers are acceptable for certain things only. Sleeping- best usage. Relaxed reading, small snack between sleeps, sitting still, watching something on your iPad, phone, etc – all these are acceptable. Journaling, using a laptop for short periods of time – these can be stretched to. BUT once you’re done resting, start waking. Do not lay and chat with your friend next to you, don’t work, don’t talk on the phone, don’t eat a McDonald’s. this is not the correct usage for a lounger. Rest, that is all.

Now we’ve cleared that up, these are some things the airport needs to understand is bad form too.


1. Putting only 2 loungers at the gate.

2. Putting arm rests between each seat. We understand you can’t put out a lounger for every person, but give us the option of laying across seats when it’s not busy. Travellers need to sleep, please let us.

Then there are just people like this, who are just smart travellers making the best put of a tough situation.

(I didn’t manage to get a photo of her. She had taken two arm chairs from a closed coffee shop and pushed them together to form a bed)

I hope you feel more informed now, and that next time you are in an airport you will follow the correct etiquette.

Discovering Joy

I sit at my desk staring at the lists stuck up in front of me, sorting through emails, writing new lists. I lean back on my chair and sigh, I feel overwhelmed by it all and wonder what the point is. I wonder where the joy is, I wonder what it was that used to make this working, this caring, this living, this breathing, so light and fun, and happy.

I glance over at my bookshelf thinking about what to do next and a notebook on the top shelf catches my eye; laying all wonky, just tossed on the shelf as if forgotten. I remember who bought me the book, and why, but I also remember that the purpose never got fulfilled and I began to use it for something else, I can’t remember what. As I reach over and take it off the shelf and feel its embroidered cover I wrack my brain trying to remember what is inside. I cannot remember and I open it slowly, curious as to what I might find.


A list.My list.
My grace-gift list.
My gratitude on a page.

I only ever got too #48, after that I moved and I guess that is when it got misplaced. I read through the list, its great in variety, and surprising in content at times.

The small everyday things that made me give thanks:

Children playing the ‘waving game’ out of car windows #1
 Fields stretched out like patchwork quilts in the valleys below #13
Freshly tarmacked roads #22

The hard things which seem so big, that only by God’s grace I could write:

Freedom in being child-free #25
Understanding what it means to have beauty out of ashes #43

The big moments where God’s blessing poured out so visably and I was about to shout the praise back:

Skyping with Libby R #27
Medical clearance #28
Sitting up late with friends encouraging one another #44

I read and I re-read, absorbing the joy, the thanks, the gratitude; remembering where the joy is, remembering the abundance of gratitude and praise that is owed. I feel my heart getting lighter, and the smile fixes on my face.

I remember the need to moment by moment notice the gifts, the be thankful for them, to search them out, to go on a treasure hunt for joy. I remember how good it is to find grace in unexpected places and to give thanks for it, easy or hard.