Five Minute Friday – Path

My brain is very fuzzy these days, and one of the last things I feel like doing today is writing, and I feel like I’m 100% lost for inspiration. For that reason I wasn’t going to do the link up today, but then I thought, well that’s kinda one of the points of this. To write, when we don’t want to, to write, when we don’t have the inspiration, to write, even if the result isn’t great or what we would hope for.


So here I am, midnight (so technically Saturday I guess… but it’s still Friday in the States!), about to do my 5 mins, because that’s what we do round here, and that’s what Lisa-Jo encourages us to do.


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Lets remind ourselves of the rules:


1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
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The weeks prompt is: “Path”




They say your life is a path. From a young age you’re told to think about the “path” you’re on. Think about how your actions will effect the path you go down. Choose your subjects at school wisely, behave well, be kind, etc etc. Choose a career path. When you find the “one” work out what path you’re on together, marriage, kids, the timing of it all.


This path, though it has different stages, it’s called life, and from what I hear it seems to be pretty important. But what no-one tells you when you’re young is that you can make all the right choices, you can do all the loving things, you can live by the rule book, but that doesn’t guarantee you a place on a smooth path, it doesn’t even guarantee you that your path will lead where you had hoped.


We’re on this path, and it’s stretching out in front of us, none of us really have any idea where it’s leading, or what it will pass on the way. I just know there’s only one decision that really matters, only one choice that is really of any significance. That is the one of faith. Will I choose God? Will I choose to trust Him? Will I choose to believe in Jesus, that He is God and that he died for me? Will I choose to accept the power of the cross, my forgiveness, saving grace for me? That’s the decision that matters, because that one choice, that’s the choice that will affect where my path ends, and that choice, it’s the only one with a guaranteed outcome one way or the other.


So I finish by saying, this path of life we’re all on. Let’s contemplate that one choice, and make it wisely. Will we know Jesus as our saviour? And then let’s remember that the other choices, they’re not really ours to make, and we don’t really control what route our path takes. Let’s leave those choices up to God, and let’s taste the freedom in that.




Ok there were my five minutes. I’m glad I did them. If you don’t have a blog why don’t you join in anyway? Write in our journal, or the back of your shopping list, or scribble it on a piece of scrap paper. Try it and see.


Shutting the Doors


We’ve all done it. Asked for direction in the face of decisions, only to hear silence. So we keep moving forwards, and trust simply that God will close the doors if it’s not what He wills. We even ask “Please, if your plan is something other, then please would you close the doors, would you stop this happening“.


I myself have been using that line recently.


“God, I’m going to start the process of getting this new treatment, but if it’s not what you want, please stop it being able to happen, close this door”


“God I’m going to apply for this job, I really don’t know if it’s what’s best or not, but I trust you do, so if it’s not part of the good plan you have, then close the door”


“God, I’m going to plan to go away in April, I don’t now if the timing is right or not, if it’s not, please close that door.”


We ask it, we mean it, we trust that He will guide us in the right ways, and we trust that His plan and His timing is so much better.


But, how do we react when the door gets closed? When he takes us at our word and closes the door he doesn’t want us to walk through?



I’ve had a few doors slammed in my face the past couple of weeks. They’ve left me a little stunned, a little disappointed, they’ve left me feeling a bit hurt. No new treatment, no job, no travel away. I feel at peace knowing beyond doubt that my Father has got a purpose in this, and knowing that He’ll never leave me, and knowing that He’ll carry me through it all, peace. Yet still there is that lack of understanding, and that deep heart-cry of “why?”


While I was working my mind around it, pouring out my heart to my God and saviour. He simply replied with “You gave me permission to close those doors, you asked me to close them if it’s what I wanted, so I did.”


Ouch. Truth. I asked Him to do this, I gave Him permission to close those doors.


So how do I respond? With cries of “It’s not fair! I don’t want this!”? Or with praise, with words that say “Thank you, thank you for not letting me walk down the second-best road, thank you for closing the door you didn’t want me to walk though. Thank you for proving, again, that you are faithful, and you are trustworthy“?


When a door closes will we respond with bitterness, or will we shout out our thanks and praise?


Do you remember back in August when the UK riots broke out? First in Tottenham, then they spread, some big, some small, across the country. We watched the craziness from our TV screens, some of us from our windows, some of us hearing first hand stories from those close to us returning from the cities and towns. In the UK we couldn’t believe what was breaking out around us.


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