Five Minute Fridays – GIFT


Blogger “The Gypsy Mama” does a link up every Friday “Five min Fridays” . She sets a topic, set the timer, and writes for five minute flat. Whatever if written is posted, no editing, no over-thinking. The idea is to be able to write freely, without worrying if it’s right or not.


I’ve decided to join her on her link-up… I think it’s going to be a challenge, but I’m always up for those, so here it goes.



The topic this week: GIFT


The word gift causes me to think of many things, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, moving home, the major life events. Gifts are a way of marking time, recognizing achievements, and showing appreciation. The best gifts however, are the ones that are “just because”. When the giver didn’t need an occasion to give you a piece of their heart, they simply want you to know you have been thought of. They’re special gifts because you know they are truly freely, willingly, and desirably given. Not given out of duty, of societal pressure.


This makes me think, that gift I was given, the best one of all… grace. When Jesus gave his life for me, when he risked it all, became vulnerable as a baby, lived a normal life full of joys, tragedy and crisis, for me. When he endured the beatings, the mocking, the abuse, and finally hung on that tree for me. That gift, the gift of grace, the gift of salvation… it wasn’t mine for my birthday, it wasn’t an afterthought of Christmas, it wasn’t because I was getting married… it was “just because”. Just because he loves me, because he thinks of me, just to let me know I’m never out of his mind, and that he longs to have me close, longs to know me and have me know him.


That gift, the gift of being saved, just because, is the best gift.




Wow, I didn’t manage to write nearly as much a most people do in 5 mins, maybe I’ll get better! Why don’t you hop over to her blog and see what other people have written, maybe you want to start linking up too!