The Truth In His Word

I’m laying there trying to remember. Placing shards of memories next to each other, trying them out until I find a fit for this puzzle and the whole thing can start to take shape, take meaning. I grapple for understanding, desperate to find the cord that is wrapped so tightly around me that I may be able to loose it and be free. I fight hard to know what it is all about, I search frantically to find Him there, I shift my gaze anxiously trying to see the memories from His perspective.


I try, I grapple, I fight, I search, I shift; and still there is no peace in the midst of the storm. Still I cannot hear His voice above the thunder and rain. Still I cannot see his face amongst the black clouds and lightening.

There is one more hope, I take out His letter to me, His word, I flip through the many pages and stop letting the book fall open. My eyes land on one sentence.

“If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”*


The truth will set me free; yes it is true, he has confirmed it. Yet I know not the truth, I cannot place it together. He says that to get the truth I must be His follower, His disciple, to be his disciple means to remain in His word, to be constantly living in His word, to have it written on my heart.

I make a mental note to read this letter, this book, His word, more often.

*John 8:31-32


Five Minute Friday : Race

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Today’s topic is….


In two days time I will remember the day she finished her race. Even 10 years on I will remember every detail about that day and the days leading up to it.

She finished her race just a couple of days after the turned 16. Unconscious, she wasn’t aware of her turning another year, and neither was she aware that she was finishing her race.

She had lived like it was a race though, not a race against anyone else, simply a race against herself and a race against time. How much good could she do? How much could she love? How much more could she know God? How much better could she sing? How much more could she be molded into His likeness? She raced and strove to know God the most she could, and to love the most she could. She ran towards those things, knowing they were worth the effort.

Her race was evident to me. Her arms around me spoke of love. Her encouragement to not give up on myself, not give up on God, not give up on school, spoke of wisdom. Her joy and her passion spoke of Christ in her. She showed me what is was to run towards the things that mater.  She modeled a good race for me.

She was my best friend, suddenly and shockingly her race came to an end. Crossing the finish line made me aware that one day I would cross my own and I never knew when it was.

Seeing her finish and finish well made me question. How well am I running this race and what am I racing towards?

As I remember, I re-evaluate again, what am I running towards? How well am I racing?


Ebenezer – One Year On

How does one week turn into one year?



I don’t know, but it has. I remember that day as though it was yesterday, I remember the few days leading up to it. Oh the turmoil, do I go, do I stay. And then a month later, where do I go next? Oh how my heart raced, my stomach churned, my mind ran, my eyes wept. My whole body and soul shook as I tried to be still, listen, and discern what it was my Father wanted me to to, and then to summon the courage to do it.


Oh those two days, separated by a month. Those two decisions, some of the hardest I’ve had to make. Read about it here.*


A year ago today I was evacuated from my home, I flew away from my friends, family, job, home, life. I flew into nothing, a country I barely knew, to a sea of strangers, to a hotel, no home, to hospitals and doctors and a whole world I had never entered into before in my life. It would only be a week I was told… it was what I had clung to when I had to choose to allow them to take me out.


A month later I was being flown out again, only I wasn’t returning to everything I knew. I was moving on again, to nothing, to more doctors and hospitals. I had wonderful friends and familiar faces waiting to greet me, but the other faces, familiar as they were, were distant memories from years past, a person I used to be knew who they used to be, but those characters they had changed and no-one really knew each other any more.


Time passed and as it did, and as it dragged, I felt betrayed, I didn’t understand. I wrote about it here.



Now one year on, I can hardly believe the journey I’ve been on. I can hardly believe I am STILL here, in this country, in this place. It feels like just another day on this long and uncertain journey. Still unknowing where I’m headed, when I’m headed. Still not really knowing what this is all about. Just another day trusting, and living. Yet it seems wrong to not mark this day. To not set up an alter at this one year anniversary and say the journey has been long, the journey had been hard, but God has been faithful, and God is still good, and God is still God.


Yes it is true, this year has not been pretty. I have wept more than I care to think about. I have grieved in ways I did not know it was possible to grieve. I have felt darkness that I did not know existed. I have despaired, I have been ready to give up on it all. I have doubted, I have been angry, I have lost trust, I have been oh so unfaithful. All of me in the past year has been ugly, weak, disgusting. But God, God has been beautiful, faithful, redeeming, strong.


God has always provided in every way. My father, he has loved me in all my ugliness and in all my unfaithfulness. My saviour, he has saved me from despair, he has picked me up when I’ve fallen, He has helped me hold on when I was ready to let go. My God has turned up every single time when I thought I couldn’t take one more step.


My God, has been God. He has been in control, He has had a purpose, and He has taught me, and He has walked with me,and He has carried me.



So on this day, this one year on, I want to mark this place, set up my Ebenezer, built and alter, and say My God He is good, and He is faithful. He has been my help, my hope, my lifeline, my only purpose for waking and breathing. I have no words, simply a thank you that bursts from my heart for all He has done.


* Photo Credit : The Creative Spirit