Five Minute Fridays – GIFT


Blogger “The Gypsy Mama” does a link up every Friday “Five min Fridays” . She sets a topic, set the timer, and writes for five minute flat. Whatever if written is posted, no editing, no over-thinking. The idea is to be able to write freely, without worrying if it’s right or not.


I’ve decided to join her on her link-up… I think it’s going to be a challenge, but I’m always up for those, so here it goes.



The topic this week: GIFT


The word gift causes me to think of many things, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, moving home, the major life events. Gifts are a way of marking time, recognizing achievements, and showing appreciation. The best gifts however, are the ones that are “just because”. When the giver didn’t need an occasion to give you a piece of their heart, they simply want you to know you have been thought of. They’re special gifts because you know they are truly freely, willingly, and desirably given. Not given out of duty, of societal pressure.


This makes me think, that gift I was given, the best one of all… grace. When Jesus gave his life for me, when he risked it all, became vulnerable as a baby, lived a normal life full of joys, tragedy and crisis, for me. When he endured the beatings, the mocking, the abuse, and finally hung on that tree for me. That gift, the gift of grace, the gift of salvation… it wasn’t mine for my birthday, it wasn’t an afterthought of Christmas, it wasn’t because I was getting married… it was “just because”. Just because he loves me, because he thinks of me, just to let me know I’m never out of his mind, and that he longs to have me close, longs to know me and have me know him.


That gift, the gift of being saved, just because, is the best gift.




Wow, I didn’t manage to write nearly as much a most people do in 5 mins, maybe I’ll get better! Why don’t you hop over to her blog and see what other people have written, maybe you want to start linking up too!


Year in Photos – Week One

I’ve always wanted to do a 365, my year in photos. Mainly for my own record, I’m awful and remembering things and I thought it would be nice to have something to look back at. However, I’m also always way disorganized, and never remember my intentions until February when I begin to be aware of everyone else doing it.


I came up with a solution… this year I am doing it according to the year in A-land… March – March. I’ve got an album on facebook, but I thought I’d post a weekly round-up on here each week with more description, that way I’ll have something to look back and remember my year next March, and those of you who want to can keep updated on my life! … goodness know how I’m going to manage to keep taking a photo for each day, it’s not like that much original stuff happens for me!


So here’s week one.


Tuesday March 20

Ok, so I got off to a bad start and actually forgot to take a photo this day. But this is my sister, Kelly, and I the day before. On this day I drove her back to university and got to see the flat where she lives.


Wednesday March 21

Just look at that kid, isn’t he adorable? Wednesday was the first real day of sunshine we’ve had this year, and due to various happenings I got to hang out by the pond with this beautiful boy. We had bundles of fun chasing ducks, playing pirates, talking about life and death. Mostly I enjoyed sitting watching him find joy in the simple things, and hearing him pour out his heart to the ducks.


Thursday March 22

So I went to the doctor today, just to revew how things were going, and to ask for some advice on pain management. Expecting to walk away with nothing other than some thoughts… instead I walked away with all this and more! A whole new medication regime…. welcome to my life!


Friday March 23

On Friday I went to a theme park with these two lovely girls. I knew I was heading for a rough few days, so it was the perfect way to have some fun before that happened. We created memories, screamed a lot, laughed even more, ate sweets, and spent the day being care-free.


Saturday March 24

As predicted, the new meds kicked in and left me feeling a little worse for wear. I spent the day barely moving my head from the pillow.. and vomiting every time I did. That evening two lovely friends came over to check on me and bought me pump sprite (as in sprite from a stream, not a bottle)… I’ve found it really helps settle my stomach.


Sunday March 25

I was feeling a little better on Sunday, as long as I didn’t stand up for too long. So this is a typical Sunday afternoon for me…I go to the pub, get a couple of drinks, and use their internet to attend online church, Crosspoint. It’s one of the highlights of my week.


Monday March 26

Monday pretty much looked like Saturday. I made use of the time though and in between my semi-conscious states I painted my nails, which were in GREAT need to attention.


Well that was my week! I hope yours were full of memories, love, and hope.

Quick Update

I don’t really like writing about my health. But since lots of you have been asking what is going on I’m going to attempt a short summary.


  • My body isn’t doing what we had hoped, or expected, and so we’re waiting. I’ll be spending now until the end of April in and out of hospital undergoing tests and investigations.
  • This means that the new treatment I had hoped to start, I can’t have. Not for now at least. I’m hoping that on April 25 we’ll be able to make some decisions on what’s next. There are several possible scenarios depending on what these tests show.
  • For now I’m sticking to high doses of steroids, on new higher pain relief, taking some other new meds, and just letting my body rest.
  • I know some of you like to know what all my symptoms are… I’m just going to say that my bones, my joints, my digestive tract, and my eyes are all having difficulty right now.
  • So things have changed, and changed pretty rapidly. I’m still getting used to these new pain meds, but they seem to be doing a good job.


I’m thankful to have such caring and dedicated doctors, I am thankful for  friends who text and ring just to see how I am, I am thankful to be surrounded by people who are always willing to help out however they can, I am thankful that I have the freedom to be able to rest, to sleep and wake when I can, to eat or not as I feel able. I am thankful for my peaceful, beautiful surroundings. I am thankful for this reminder that I need my God and my saviour, I am thankful that this gives me the time and space to be still and know Him. I am thankful that these new medications are allowing me to go out and create memories with wonderful people. I am thankful that I know I am loved by God, that I am surrounded by Him, and that he saves me day after day, and restores my hope. I am thankful that I don’t need to be strong, for it is in my weakness that He is strong. I am thankful for my life just the way it is.


So, you see, from the outside it might seem like things are pretty miserable right now. I’m not miserable though. Yes sometimes it is frustrating, yes sometimes it is hard, no it’s not what I had dreamed I would be doing right now, but in those moments I ask God for his perspective, in those feelings I find His comfort and His peace. I am thankful for what my life is, I am thankful for ALL my life is. I have so many of the “good” things, and the “bad” things, they are where I find intimacy with a God who saves me, and who loves me, and so I am thankful for those too.


I know some of you have been praying for me. Not for healing, but that I would know God in every moment. In the healthy days, in the laughter, but also in the pain, in the vomiting, in the uncertainty, in the duvet days, in all my moments that I would know God. That really is my hearts prayer and desire. I want you to know that am knowing God in my moments, so thank you for asking in my behalf, please do continue.