Why Trade?


I was walking one of my usual walks, across the fields, through the woods, down the paths, and around the lanes. The beauty around never stops amazing me, and as I heard the birds singing in the trees, and watched the sheep munching on the grass I stopped for a moment to look around me. I felt the sunshine, breathed in the clean country air, and took in the rolling hills with their farm animals and wildlife, and the quintessential English buildings on the horizon. As I paused to enjoy this moment a question a friend once asked came back to me:


“Why would you give this up? Why would you trade this for there?”

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Do you remember back in August when the UK riots broke out? First in Tottenham, then they spread, some big, some small, across the country. We watched the craziness from our TV screens, some of us from our windows, some of us hearing first hand stories from those close to us returning from the cities and towns. In the UK we couldn’t believe what was breaking out around us.


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Guest Post – Dear Afghanistan

Today we have a guest post from a dear friend of mine. She and her family are so dedicated to help these people, they love them so much. If you ever listen to her speak about this country or it’s people you could not question the way her heart aches to see the land restored and the people made whole, to see them moving forward.

She speaks from her heart, and portrays my own heart in words I cannot find.

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