Five Minute Friday: See

It’s time for Five minute Friday, having taken a vacation from it for a while. Oh I’ve missed it.
What we do around here is write for 5 minutes, uninterrupted, but only 5 minutes following a prompt from Gypsy Mamas blog. Here’s the rules:


1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
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The week’s topic is: See





It’s easy to see, but not to really see. We see things all the time, but do we really take the time and energy to really see beyond the surface?


We see the pretty jewelery, but do we see the designer behind it?

We see the tasty meal on our plates, but do we see the loving hands that made it?

We see the beautiful hills, the blooming flowers, but do we see the creator?

We see miracles big and small, but do we see the miracle maker?

We see the homeless man sitting on the curb, but do we see his story?

We see the taped off crime scene, but do we see the broken family and the traumatized people evicted from it?

We see the smiles on each others faces, but do we look beyond the smiles, and see what’s really there?


We often miss what’s really going on, what’s really there, the pain of life, but the beauty of it too, simply because we don’t really see.
We miss forging deeper relationships, creating wider community, forming new friendships, supporting those in need, having our compassion stretched. making a difference, enjoying simple things, being awestruck by the big things simply because we choose not to see.


I hope I learn to see, to really see. I hope that I can be more intentional about looking past what it right in front of me to see what is behind the surface.




Five Minute Friday: Community

It’s time for Five Minute Fridays, where we write for 5 mins flat out. No over-thinking, no editing, no backtracking. Just simple writing from our hearts, with freedom. Then we link up at Gypsy Mamas blog, read each others posts and encourage each other with comments. Why don’t you join us?


This weeks topic is: Community




Community is hard work. It takes conscious effort to create, it takes energy, vulnerability, risk, heartache, socializing, laughter, it demands much to form, and much to keep it going. It takes self-denial, sacrifice, and willingness to continue to keep community alive.


Maybe that’s why it is so hard to find these days. People only want what they can get easily, with minimum risk. People want instant results, they want to protect themselves and they want to know what benefit they are guaranteed at the end of any expenditure of self.


But the best things in life require risk. The best things in life require periods of uncertainty to be passed through. And community is one of those things. Yes it is a big risk, yes it is hard, yes it can be awfully painful. But it is what we were created for, to live in community, to live with one another. The risk is worth it, for it is only in community that we can really feel whole and be fully ourselves, whilst fully knowing others.


I long for community. I have had seasons in life where I have known and be part of true community, and seasons where I wonder if community can ever exist again. I know in my longing to re-find community I must nurture it too. The responsibility is as much on me (if not more so) as it is on others.


Community, a risk worth taking.




I found it hard to write about community. It’s a topic which makes my insides churn, because is long for it so deeply, and it grieves me to not have it. Yet it scares me so too, to be vulnerable, to be reliant on others, to give up my stoic independence. So although I have much to say, I don’t know where to start or how to express myself. I hope I managed to put a little bit of my thoughts and feelings across.

Five Minute Friday: Together


It’s Friday! Round here we like to write for just five minutes on a friday. No over-thinking, no backtracking, no editing. Just the freedom to write, for five minutes. Then we link up to Gypsy Mama’s blog and read others peoples posts. Why don’t you join us?


This week’s topic is: Together
… Are you ready?




Together seems like an unattainable ideal to me, at least in my life. I see others around me in their togetherness and I find myself envious. Friends – together, Colleagues – together, Families – together. All of them in their various forms are together, talking, working, eating, living, creating memories; together. How I wish I was a part of that.
Yet for me, for more of my life than not, my life has been marked by distance, and by un-togetherness. A family spread across three continents spanning 10’s of thousands of miles, friends in every corner of the globe, colleagues so far scattered it’s hard to comprehend how we manage to do anything worthwhile. I long for “together”, to know the warmth of a relatives arm around me, to hear the voice of a loved friend and have their shoulder to rest my tear-streaked face on, to sit down over coffee and discuss project ideas and read the face of colleagues not just hear their well thought-out, edited, reactions. Oh, how my heart longs for that. And the sweet moments when together does happen, oh how I treasure it. Those sweet moments, and those special memories made. I guess I can thank my un-together life for teaching me never to take together for granted, but to cherish each second of it.


Together is more, however, than just a physical reality. Together can be spiritual and emotional too, and that togetherness is what keeps us close. I may have lived most of my life with family and friends spread as far as possible, physically we may well be very un-together, but that matters little, for spiritually we hold each other, emotionally we stand shoulder to shoulder. We walk this life together, through prayer, through conversation across the miles, through the short physical togethers that we have. Together in our un-togetherness, we do life. And I know I could not live this life alone, but only together, with others.




I look forward to hearing what you have to say on together, or un-together.