Merry Mondays #12

It’s #12 guys! That means we’ve been being intentionally merry on Mondays for 3 months now! Wow! I really love starting the week this way, it makes me concentrate on the blessings I have and get my mind set int he right attitude for the week.


So this week is going to be B U S Y to the max.. let me get started!


Thankful for:
#1 Amazing financial miraculous provision.
#2 Amazing provision of things needed for the move, people to help move, vehicles, furniture, energy, emotional stability, etc.
#3 Friends who walk with me on this journey called life. Challenge me, encourage me, inspire me.
#4 Holidays being booked! :o) Can’t wait for my family to be all together this summer! (it’s a very rare occurrence!)
#5 My current house, I’ve said it before, but as I get ready to leave, I want to say it again. This house has been such a huge blessings, and has served me so well the past 7 months, it’s been a real place of rest and recovery for me. I never ever thought I’d be spending as long as 7 months in it, but I have, and I am so grateful for it. I’m pretty sad to leave.


Looking forward to:
#1 Having all the paper work and organising done for moving house.
#2 Being all moved in to my new house with my new housemate!
#3 Seeing the cute face of my sister before she goes away to far off lands
#4 Starting a new week full of NEW beginnings
#5 Wednesday. (It’s the only day this week I’m not stupidly busy).


Let me know what’s going on with you!


Five Minute Friday: Community

It’s time for Five Minute Fridays, where we write for 5 mins flat out. No over-thinking, no editing, no backtracking. Just simple writing from our hearts, with freedom. Then we link up at Gypsy Mamas blog, read each others posts and encourage each other with comments. Why don’t you join us?


This weeks topic is: Community




Community is hard work. It takes conscious effort to create, it takes energy, vulnerability, risk, heartache, socializing, laughter, it demands much to form, and much to keep it going. It takes self-denial, sacrifice, and willingness to continue to keep community alive.


Maybe that’s why it is so hard to find these days. People only want what they can get easily, with minimum risk. People want instant results, they want to protect themselves and they want to know what benefit they are guaranteed at the end of any expenditure of self.


But the best things in life require risk. The best things in life require periods of uncertainty to be passed through. And community is one of those things. Yes it is a big risk, yes it is hard, yes it can be awfully painful. But it is what we were created for, to live in community, to live with one another. The risk is worth it, for it is only in community that we can really feel whole and be fully ourselves, whilst fully knowing others.


I long for community. I have had seasons in life where I have known and be part of true community, and seasons where I wonder if community can ever exist again. I know in my longing to re-find community I must nurture it too. The responsibility is as much on me (if not more so) as it is on others.


Community, a risk worth taking.




I found it hard to write about community. It’s a topic which makes my insides churn, because is long for it so deeply, and it grieves me to not have it. Yet it scares me so too, to be vulnerable, to be reliant on others, to give up my stoic independence. So although I have much to say, I don’t know where to start or how to express myself. I hope I managed to put a little bit of my thoughts and feelings across.

Apologies in abundance


Confession: This week there are no photos.


As I said yesterday, life got a bit crazy. And last week I had a theme planned out and everything… but I took 1 photo all week. Sorry, and when I look back over my year it will seem that there were only 51 weeks in my year! oh well.


Second apology – to make up for my lack of week in photos I had hoped to have a post ready to put up… but I don’t have that either. Apparently this getting my life in order malarkey isn’t working out as smoothly as I had hoped! BUT I am getting there slowly, so next week let’s hope everything is back to normal!


Thank for bearing with me friends.