Facebook Freedom

It’s been about a week without facebook now. It took a couple of days to break the habit of clicking on the app on my phone. I had deleted the app along with my account, and yet still my finger would instinctively search for it whenever there was an empty moment, or a desire to procrastinate. The first time I actually missed it was today. I was looking at an interesting article and thought my sister would appreciate it so went to post it on her wall… which is when I remembered I can’t do that anymore. Still, no big deal, I can phone her and tell her about it instead!

All in all, so far it’s been positive. I have found myself being far more productive, and when I’m too tired to be productive, spending time doing more interesting things – like talking to people, or watching a movie, or playing games. Not getting wrapped up in other people’s business, becoming worked-up about others responses or lack of them, mindlessly scrolling down screens, and generally wasting time. It’s also led to more conversations with people. On several occasions someone has said to me “Oh there is “x” on my facebook wall you should go have a look at it” and my reply is “Oh I don’t have facebook anymore, so I guess I can’t look” so they proceed to tell me about said video, article, life event etc., instead. Honestly the whole thing feels like a weight off my shoulders.

This week I am planning to sort through my clothes and give away the things that no longer fit me, and things I no longer want/need. Less clothes means less laundry, less putting away, and less cramped wardrobes and draws. I’ll let you know how it goes – I have a feeling this will be a hard one!


2014 – Slimming Down

I have decided to slim down my life this year, less social media, only reading one book at a time, follow less blogs, get rid of things and clutter, cut down commitments to the things I am actually committed to – you get the idea. My hope is that in slimming life down I’ll have more time for the most important things in life, and more time to grow into the person I am supposed to be. By slimming down it will take a lot less time and energy to stay on top of things and to stay organised – think of all that saved stress! If I don’t have to be stressed about simply getting through each day then I can start enjoying my moments more and I hope I can have more time and energy to give away to others.

I normally have a one word for the year. In 2013 my word was rest, and I did learn some lessons, but it wasn’t my most successful word yet. I don’t know why. This year I haven’t got a word yet – and I’m not stressing about it – maybe it will find me at some point, or maybe not. Either way it doesn’t matter.

I started my slimming down journey yesterday by deleting my Facebook account. I’ve been talking about taking the plunge for ages, and finally I took a deep breath and just jumped right in (or out). Why do I need Facebook? I can talk with people close by, and those further afield I can email with. If people don’t want to do that then frankly maybe it’s time to let them go.
I can see the benefit already. This morning rather than scrolling through Facebook to see what people had been up to – I got up! And now instead of wasting time reading status’ I’ve actually found time to blog.
Don’t fret – I am still on twitter, and have no plans to leave that any time soon.

I hope to blog occasionally about how my slimming down journey is going and if it’s proving to be worth it or not.

How about you? What are you hoping for in 2014?

When God Remained

Remember that time I was too ill to read my bible? To even listen to it being read to me? When I was too ill to mutter a prayer, to even think one? That time where all I could manage was to whisper “Jesus” while my body attacked itself and I lay semi-conscious?

Maybe you don’t. I do. (Actually I only remember parts of it, it turns out there are huge parts that I just have no recollection of.) It turns out many of you visited me during that time. Every now and then someone will say something to me, and I’ll smile and nod wondering to myself when on earth that happened, because I don’t remember it at all. Or suddenly something will trigger a memory, a memory that seems as though it could be just a dream, but I find out it is in fact reality. Thank you for each of you who visited. I know it meant the world to me, even if I subsequently have no memory of it. My heart is still blessed and grateful knowing the care and love you showed. Anyway, that’s not what this is about.

iv_dreamstimeRemember that time I was too ill to read my bible? To even listen to it being read to me? When I was too ill to mutter a prayer, to even think one? That time where all I could manage was to whisper “Jesus” while my body attacked itself and I lay semi-conscious?

For months I didn’t read scripture, I didn’t pray, I didn’t attend church, I didn’t do any of the things you’re told to do. Those things the Sunday school teacher drummed into you as a kid, the things you hear from the pulpit. Read your bible, pray daily, come to church weekly, get to a small group. No I did none of those things. All I did was whisper the name of Jesus.

You know what? God didn’t leave. He didn’t walk out on me. He didn’t give up. He didn’t go and find someone more interesting, more dedicated, more vocal, more involved. He stayed right where he was, if anything, if possible, he moved a little closer. He heard me repeat that one name over and over for months “Jesus” and nothing more. I must have sounded like a broken record, and yet he leaned in close, delighting in that one word, anticipating the moment a second would be added. Leaning in close, but without any pressure.

I didn’t do any of the things we’re told we must do. Yet God remained. Why? Because it’s not about prayer, or scripture, or church attendance. It’s about God. It’s about love. It’s about our relationship, and if all you can manage is one word, that’s ok. Let that one word be your worship and your devotion.