#20 Life in Afghanistan :: Beautiful

Tomorrow I have a guest post from someone who is very special to me, who I love very much – come back to find out more!

Well today new meds and migraines are on order which means writing really isn’t. So I’m compromising with you – I hope that’s ok.

I wonder what pictures your mind creates when you hear the word Afghanistan? Images of soldiers? of deserts? or derelict buildings? of war? of injured people? Yes, my mind creates those images too, but it also creates beautiful ones. The Afghan people are really beautiful, and there are some amazingly stunning places in Afghanistan too. Here’s just a few photo’s to show you some other images (I’ve misplaced my external hard drive so couldn’t give you as many photos as I had hoped).

DSCN2213 IMG_0112 DSC01565 IMG_0751 IMG_1028 IMG_0019 IMG_0027


This is part of the 31 Days series



5 Comments on “#20 Life in Afghanistan :: Beautiful”

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  2. Melissa says:

    Lovely pictures. I especially enjoy the camel one. Though I am partial to camels. Hope you feel better soon!

    • EJ Reading says:

      Thanks. I’ve lost my external hard drive which has thousands of photos on it- just left with about 100 on my laptop. PLease lift that up if you remember – it also has some sensitive stuff on it so want to find it ASAP.
      Feeling a little better today :)

  3. Amanda Hallas says:

    May God give you the health and strength to return.

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