#9 Life in Afghanistan :: From the mouths of babes

I have found today’s post so hard to keep a surprise, it’s my favourite post in this series so far, and I feel so incredibly honoured to be able to share it with you. Therefore I am so, so so, glad today has finally come and I can post this up! Brace yourself people for a beautiful post.

I have a friend, she is beautiful inside and out – truly. I am a better person for knowing her. She loves incredibly, she pours her whole heart, and mind, and self into everything she does – we often have to remind her to rest a while. She loves Christ, knows Christ, and reflects Him in amazing ways. She is tiny but her impact reaches far. She is a dear friend of mine and of many others.

This friend, we will call her HC, works in a school in the middle of Kabul teaching 1st graders – mainly Afghans. She goes the extra mile to interact, love, and value parents as well as children. She takes the time to learn their language, she thinks about the details, and she instills hope into these young minds.

I asked HC if her class would like to contribute to my 31 Day series – what better than to hear about life from the mouths of these little ones. This is what she came up with:

A series of pictures and captions on “I have a dream for Afghanistan…”

So you wonder what the new generation think of their country, what their hopes are?
Here you go. Straight from their mouths and hearts ::

Dream 1“To build houses, plant more trees, build school[s], put Afghanistan’s flag everywhere”

Dream #20“I have a dream for Afghanistan that we can make houses for the poor and stop fighting and better schools for children”

Dream #19“I have a dream for Afghanistan that everyone can have a job to earn money for their kids.”

Dream #18“There needs to be a traffic-man because the cars don’t get in trouble. And there needs to be a traffic light.”

Dream #17“I have a dream for Afghanistan that there will be more parks for kids to play.”

Dream #16“I have a dream for Afghanistan that it will be clean and beautiful, and that all girls will get to go to school.”

Dream #15

“I have a dream for Afghanistan that when someone comes to the hospital the hospital will be clean and help them”

Dream #14“I have a dream for Afghanistan that we can help poor people”

Dream #13“That bad guys don’t hide bombs. I dream there are no wars and everyone drinks clean water”

Dream #12“That I don’t let Taliban to fight with Afghan people any more.”

Dream #11“I have a dream for Afghanistan that people will follow the laws so people don’t throw trash on the street.”

Dream #10“that there is no more stealing and share with each other.”

Dream #9“I have a dream for Afghanistan that we get more plants so we can have food and oxygen.”

Dream #8“I have a dream for Afghanistan’s people to work hard making good houses and have good trees and flowers.”

Dream #7“I have a dream for Afghanistan that gun and rockets will stop hurting people.”

Dream #6“I have a dream for Afghanistan that I will throw away dirty water and make Afghanistan like America. Do you like Afghanistan? Thank you and take your child to ISK [school]. Thank you everybody in the world.”

Dream #5“I have a dream for Afghanistan that there will be more parks and there would be many guards so bad men can’t hide bombs.”

Dream #4“I want Afghanistan to be a good country and no guns and no bombs and no swords and no making people sad.”

Dream #3“I have a dream for Afghanistan that everyone can go to good schools where they can learn different languages and have [a] good teacher.”

Dream #2“That people will help people that are poor, take the dirty water and put clean water in, clean up Afghanistan, build more schools and more doctors will come.”

There are several things I love about these:

The ways it shows quirky things about like there that kids here would take for granted. Dreaming of traffic lights – we only have one or two sets in the country! Dreaming of people not throwing trash on the street, we have corners that are dominated by heaps of trash.

The heartbreaking ways in which it tells of 6&7 year olds already affected by war, already all too aware of it’s reality, already fed-up and wanting more.

The ways in which these kids have had the privilege of a going to a good school so far and how this is reflected in their ability to hope and dream; but how they don’t want to keep it to themselves but selflessly wish it for others too.

This is part of the 31 Days series



9 Comments on “#9 Life in Afghanistan :: From the mouths of babes”

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  2. Melissa says:

    Fabulous! I can see why it is one of your favorite posts. Made me smile throughout!

  3. Amanda Hallas says:

    May God honour and bless each of these remarkable dreams. May God show favour to these beautiful children.

    Lord keep their hopes and dreams high and alive and may this people experience your mighty deliverance from every form of oppression. Lord, let your light shine, let it penetrate the darkness and bring new life, fresh hope, freedom and change.

  4. Libby says:

    Love this!

  5. Colleen says:

    Fabulous Emily, may these hopes be carried and acted on well into adulthood!

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