31 Days of Life in Afghanistan



War; Terror; Oppression; Destruction

It’s what we hear on the TV, see in the news, read on our computer screens. I want to give you a fuller picture than that. A real picture, with true stories.

I have the honor and privilege of living and working in this beautiful yet broken land. Learning the language, understanding the culture, trying to figure out a way forward. My friends are Afghans – the ones that have fought violently, and the ones that have sat passively waiting for a better tomorrow.

My heart is for this land and for these people. I want you to hear their real stories, the good and the bad; the ugly and the beautiful; the dramatic and the mundane; the over-comers and the defeated. I want you to see and hear a full picture, I hope to spark something within you so that you will cry out in a new way for these people. I hope that you will walk away at the end of October thinking of more than war when you hear the word “Afghanistan”

Throughout October I will be linked up with The Nester for a 31 Day series. I will be writing on life in Afghanistan sharing real life stories of Afghans I know, stories from my own experiences, and maybe even a guest post here and there.

***Links to all my posts will be listed here as well as categorized under “31 Days”***

Day One :: Najiba (The story of community transformation through the courage of one lady)

Day Two :: Nuria (The girl with scabs who broke my heart)

Day Three :: Ahmad (When I became a doctor and began to dream for a healthier Afghanistan)

Day Four :: Write (Where Five Minute Fridays meets 31 Days … When I became literate)

Day Five :: Project Ladies (An insight into the day of project staff)

Day Six :: Muharram (Chanting, Marching, and Bleeding chests)

Day Seven :: Obeda (Desperate situations lead to desperate measures)

Day Eight :: Beautiful, broken, worship (Those who choose to live there)

Day Nine :: From the mouths of babes (The hand written illustrated dreams of Afghan 1st graders)

Day Ten :: Nesima (The lady who I found to be a hero)

Day Eleven :: Ordinary (Five Minute Fridays meets 31 Days … A list of (not so) ordinary things)

Day Twelve :: Amina (The lady who built a future)

Day Thirteen :: A Hidden World (Child brides and the hope of education)

Day Fourteen :: Stepping In (the moments I arrived back in Afghanistan)

Day Fifteen :: Eid -e- Qorban (When the sewers ran red)

Day sixteen :: Oops this day is missing, too ill to write

Day Seventeen :: Talk Good To Me (GUEST POST – the positive facts of life)

Day Eighteen :: Laundry (Five Minutes Fridays meets 31 Days… when showing Christ’s love means doing laundry in freezing rivers)

Day Nineteen :: Bruised (The Christmas she showed me how she had been beaten)

Day Twenty :: Beautiful (A photo post)

Day Twenty One :: Fatima (GUEST POST – my mom shares a story)

Day Twenty Two :: Chicken Street (Where I go when I’m ready to leave)

Day Twenty Three :: Ballerinas in Beat-Up Toytas (That magical place)

Day Twenty Four :: Hope for Change (The family that gives me hope)

Day Twenty Five :: Together (Five Minute Friday meets 31 Days… we face life together)

Day Twenty Six :: Oops this day is missing … I took a day off.

Day Twenty Seven :: Oops this day is missing … I got busy and forgot to post.

Day Twenty Eight :: My First Meal (GUEST POST – when perceptions were broken and reality was met)

Day Twenty Nine :: Haji Mohammad (The type of story that needs to be shouted louder than the news)

Day Thirty :: Q&A (Where I answer 10 of the questions YOU sent in)

Day Thirty One :: Wrap-Up (We made it! Plus a special announcement!)


10 Comments on “31 Days of Life in Afghanistan”

  1. Jessica says:

    What an amazing topic. So different from everything else and TOTALLY falls into Too Awesome To Categorize. Looking forward to reading along.

    • EJ Reading says:

      Phew! Glad I chose the right category! I’m sure I’m going to love writing this series, it’s just like putting my heart on the screen.
      I’m on strict diets of health reasons (chronic illnesses that attack my digestive system) so I’m looking forward to hearing from you too!

  2. patsy says:

    Wow! That’s really awesome! Can’t wait! Blessings to you and may God always protect you wherever you go!!! patsy

    • EJ Reading says:

      Thanks Patsy! I’m excited to have you following along, feel free to jump in with questions or thoughts at any point… they might inspire a later post! Are you doing a 31 Days series?

  3. Kristia says:

    All I know about Afghanistan is from what I’ve seen in the news. This is a fascinating topic. I look forward to reading your series.

    • EJ Reading says:

      Oh I do hope you will find more than just war in these posts the next few weeks. I look forward to having you with me on this journey… and I look forward to finding $1000 with you!

  4. Susanna To says:

    Thank you for your sharing, May God be with you and and protect you no matter where you are!

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