Five Minute Friday :: Truth

It’s Friday! Hurray for the weekend! Friday means it’s time to link-up with Lisa-Jo for 5 minutes, unedited, not over thought, off the cuff, as it comes, writing on a set theme. The rules are simple – write for 5 minutes straight unedited. Share what you have written, you can link-up at Lisa-Jo’s place. Visit the person before you and give them some comment love.


This week’s theme is…




It was everyone’s favourite game, everyone but mine. I used to dread social boredom because it would always lead to the suggestion of this game. I would feel sick as I went to sleepovers knowing this game would be inevitable. I closed my eyes and wished the game would disappear on a regular basis.

It would always start with someone giggling, and then asking the question:

“Truth or Dare?”

The dares were always terrible, and the truths so unpredictable.

The truth, it was what everyone sought. Had you started your period yet? Which boy did you fancy? What color was your underwear? Did you really break that rule? What was your deepest darkest secret? Why did you do what you did last weekend? The questions ranged from the mundane to the most intrusive.

The dares were always terrifying in some way or another – either because of their embarrassment factor, the risk of being caught, or because of how gross they were.

No-one wanted a dare – it was too risky.
No-one that is, apart from me.

They say the truth will set you free, but the truth terrified me. My truth scared me, and if it scared me I could only imagine it would terrify others.
They say vulnerability is the key to community, but for me vulnerability meant rejection.
Truth would lead to vulnerability which would lead rejection.

No-one wanted a dare – it was too risky.

I wanted a dare – the truth was too risky.


4 Comments on “Five Minute Friday :: Truth”

  1. heidi says:

    I know that feeling. I always HATED that game!!! :) Thanks for being willing to risk this here. Praying the Lord gives you words to find your truth. It is worth the risk. :)

    From FMF @ Lisa Jo’s.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Truth does feel oh so risky. I can relate. Loved how you wrote: “My truth scared me, and if it scared me I could only imagine it would terrify others.”
    So glad I visited from FMF!

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