Airport etiquette

There is certain etiquettes that should be followed at airports. Some of those
concern the usage of the sleeping loungers. These are fairly rare things that are found in transfer airports across the world. Because of their scarcity they are often full, this there is ettiquette to allow everyone to get some rest.


1. You move, you lose. If you need to move for some reason you are not allowed to save your lounger by leaving some personal belonging on it. If you need to pee- too bad, your turn is up. You move, you lose.

2. When you’re done resting, start walking. Loungers are acceptable for certain things only. Sleeping- best usage. Relaxed reading, small snack between sleeps, sitting still, watching something on your iPad, phone, etc – all these are acceptable. Journaling, using a laptop for short periods of time – these can be stretched to. BUT once you’re done resting, start waking. Do not lay and chat with your friend next to you, don’t work, don’t talk on the phone, don’t eat a McDonald’s. this is not the correct usage for a lounger. Rest, that is all.

Now we’ve cleared that up, these are some things the airport needs to understand is bad form too.


1. Putting only 2 loungers at the gate.

2. Putting arm rests between each seat. We understand you can’t put out a lounger for every person, but give us the option of laying across seats when it’s not busy. Travellers need to sleep, please let us.

Then there are just people like this, who are just smart travellers making the best put of a tough situation.

(I didn’t manage to get a photo of her. She had taken two arm chairs from a closed coffee shop and pushed them together to form a bed)

I hope you feel more informed now, and that next time you are in an airport you will follow the correct etiquette.


2 Comments on “Airport etiquette”

  1. Amanda Hallas says:

    Oh how you write! Should use it to generate income for your calling!

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