I remember

It’s link-up day and for just a moment I search through the thumbnail pictures expecting to see her’s somewhere near the top, then reality hits and I remember her picture will not be near the top, or the bottom, it won’t be there at all, she has no new words anymore, only those she has left behind. My heart aches afresh, I have missed her so much this past week.


I return later in the day and search again, hoping again all hope, really against all hope. Then I see something. I’ve heard of it before, but I see it and it makes me smile. Five Minute Friday : Kids Edition. I smile as I think of how much she would have loved that, loved to have read and laughed over the funny, wise, free words of kids. How she would have included them in her community, would have soaked up lessons from them, whilst at the same time encouraging and teaching them so much without even trying.


I have missed her incredibly this week, I don’t know why particularly this week I have missed her. Maybe it is because I’m tired and my pain levels are high and I know she would have something to say into that, she would understand. Maybe it’s because I’ve had to try hard to choose joy the past few days, and I wish she was there to remind me how. Mainly I think it is because she was truly unique, truly special, and nothing quite fits the gap she left.


So I remember. I remember her words, I remember what she taught me, I remember how she blessed me, I remember how she loved, I remember how she trusted, I remember how she chose joy, I remember how she praised, I remember how she gave out, I remember.

I remember Sara, I remember Gitz.


3 Comments on “I remember”

  1. Angela says:

    Oh how I wish I didn’t understand this, but I do. We lost a good friend about 10 days ago and just tonight I searched Facebook for an update….there was none to be found. I heard it said today ‘Time doesn’t heal. Only G does that.’

  2. Sebastian Griffith says:

    I remember our very rough time in 1990, when my dad got into that life-changing accident. I think I was just 12, so young and unready. Both my siblings were away in Manila for school. My mom was with my dad in the hospital, and the therapy clinic thereafter, and we felt scattered for several months. I was in Grade 6 in elementary school. And everyday, either my aunt would stay with me or my mom would commute back and forth just to see me 3x a week. I realize how hard it must have been for her, going through that. Dealing with the worst possible family event, taking care of the love of her life, my dad, not seeing her kids in Manila, and leaving her youngest at home. She would go home late at night, and by then I would have been asleep. And early morning she commuted again and went back to my dad. What a great personal sacrifice taking care of us all!

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