The Truth In His Word

I’m laying there trying to remember. Placing shards of memories next to each other, trying them out until I find a fit for this puzzle and the whole thing can start to take shape, take meaning. I grapple for understanding, desperate to find the cord that is wrapped so tightly around me that I may be able to loose it and be free. I fight hard to know what it is all about, I search frantically to find Him there, I shift my gaze anxiously trying to see the memories from His perspective.


I try, I grapple, I fight, I search, I shift; and still there is no peace in the midst of the storm. Still I cannot hear His voice above the thunder and rain. Still I cannot see his face amongst the black clouds and lightening.

There is one more hope, I take out His letter to me, His word, I flip through the many pages and stop letting the book fall open. My eyes land on one sentence.

“If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”*


The truth will set me free; yes it is true, he has confirmed it. Yet I know not the truth, I cannot place it together. He says that to get the truth I must be His follower, His disciple, to be his disciple means to remain in His word, to be constantly living in His word, to have it written on my heart.

I make a mental note to read this letter, this book, His word, more often.

*John 8:31-32


2 Comments on “The Truth In His Word”

  1. Ellie says:

    Oh, just read this after being at a traumatic birth.. cord around the neck 3xs, baby not breathing, deep purple, limp…. (he lived, he’s fine)… and my mind screamed, “Don’t struggle!! Please! The cord will only wrap tighter, and strangle you. Just wait. Help is on the way. Let someone else reach in and loosen that cord.”

    But perhaps your is a different situation. Praying.

    • EJ Reading says:

      I love that picture, don’t struggle help is coming, let someone reach in and loosen the cord.
      There is a verse in Exodus (14 I think?) that this makes me think of, it says “The Lord your God will fight for you, you need only be still”.

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