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I feel small as I leave that country to enter another to begin this next tour speaking in place after place.

I feel small sitting on the plane looking out the window at the big earth, and the big clouds, and the big universe.

I feel small as I stand on that platform facing a big crowd eagerly awaiting my words.

My stories seem small when I think of what to share.

My work seems small when I think of the work still to be done.

My hope seems small when I think of the brokenness still unbound, and the captives still held, and the prisoners still trapped.

My part feels small when I think of the others involved.

My strength feels small when I have traveled for two days and had no sleep and still I have to prepare and stand and speak and love.

My voice seems small as I clear my throat to speak.

I feel small, so small, in every way, and every sense; but as I open my mouth to speak something happens.

I take a deep breath and breathe in His power and His confidence and I remember that I am small but He is BIG, and I stand in His name.

My smallness is my strength, because in my smallness His bigness can shine.

I speak, and as I look into the faces of the crowd and as I listen to the sound of my own voice, I see it more clearly than ever. I am small, my part is small, my voice is small, but He is working a big story. He will take my small offering and multiply it into big for His glory, for His kingdom.

I stand there, small.

I stand there in appreciating my smallness, for it is my smallness that allows Him to be big.



8 Comments on “FMF: SMALL”

  1. Really enjoyed your take on this weeks word!

  2. karenbethc says:

    Thank you for sharing your truth and wisdom. The name of your blog are two of my favorite words “path” and “Authenticity” .. LOVE it ..

  3. Mrs. H. says:

    Love the small offering. A reminder of the widow and what she sacrificed for small. Beautiful.

  4. thankful God doesn’t look at size… but rather willingness to serve regardless…

    lovely write!

  5. Barbie says:

    Love this! Yes, He is big. And He is able to take our smallness and our weakness and use it for His glory!

  6. ‘my voice is small, my part is small, but he is working his BIG glory’…loved that. Such a great reminder. Its far to easy to get overwhelmed of the reality of just how small we really are. Thankfully he makes use of us even though we are so small in the scheme of things. I’m thankful for that gracious gift. visiting from FMF

  7. Mia says:

    And He has given you the promise not to worry about what to say when you talk on His behalf for He will supply all the words!
    Love XX

  8. Amanda Hallas says:

    So poignant and so true. You are a giant in Him!

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