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It’s Friday, and I’m back blogging, after possibly the longest break ever. Thank you God for restored internet!

On Fridays I link up with Lisa-Jo and others for “Five Minute Friday”. Five minutes of unedited writing on a set topic. Find out more here.


This weeks topic is…


I have wandered this earth for as long as I can remember; I was too young to wander on my own legs, so carried in the arms of others I wandered from one place to another. More houses than years, sights and smells from across the globe etched into my mind, experiences beyond my age. I have wandered, and in every place my wandering has taken me to I have asked “Is this where I belong?”

Family, friends, boyfriends, teachers, they all come and go. I have met too many to count; I have had long lasting friendships, and those which are fleeting; I have known family close by and family scattered all over the world with not a word for months. In all this meeting, and greeting, and knowing, and being together, I have asked “Is it with you that I belong?”

No place, no person, has ever been able to answer those questions with a convincing “yes”, not one has put my heart at total ease and comfort, has allowed me to give a sigh of relief and say with total confidence “This is where I belong, here, with you.”

I know where I belong, it is in the now and the not yet, it is with the revealed and yet still to be fully known. It is in heaven, with my Savior King, that I shall finally exhale long and loud and say “This is where I belong!” Then when I am with my creator, lover, redeemer, father, friend, God, and king, I will know real belonging.

That time and place often seems so far off, and yet in the mean time He gives me glimpses of what it will be like. The sweet fellowship shared among His children, the welcome received from those who know our Dad, the intimate times in surrender and worship when it’s just me and Him. It is in those moments when I taste a small flavour of what it will be like to fully belong.


2 Comments on “FMF :: Belong”

  1. Reta says:

    What a beautiful picture of what belonging will look like…what it really will mean to be home. Love it.

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