Soften Our Hearts

He walked towards me with great intention, purpose in his eyes, ready to fight. I smiled at him to try and soften him a little, and put my hand out to greet him.

“Good morning! I’m EJ, it’s nice to meet you”

“Why do you work to help people who only work to kill our people?”

There was obviously going to be niceties this morning with this man. I lifted a silent prayer.

“Not all of them work to kill our people, that is what the media would have you believe but it is not true.”

“But they are full of hate, and forgiveness, and we are a people of peace, but they seek to kill. Why do you choose to help them and live with them?”

The conversation continued. The media tainting his view of these people, him speaking out his fear, his anger, his lack of knowledge. Me speaking the compassion that God has given me, speaking of God’s love for them, of their need for Christ. We go back on forth. I have tears in my eyes, for this man who is so scared, and for those people who have been put in such a bad light.

I get called for sound check, I tell him I have to go, but first I stop.

“Can I pray for you? Can I pray that you may see these people through God’s eyes? Can I pray God’s blessing and love into your life?”

He gives me permission and I pray.

There are so many more like this man. So many who have the media speaking louder in their lives than God. So many who are hurt, and fearful of these people. Would you join me in praying for them?

We are in dire need of God to soften hearts on both sides. Soften the hearts of His people to love the others, and soften the hearts of the others to hear His calling, His word, and know their need for Him.


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