Five Minute Friday : Broken

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I’ve not written over here for a while. I don’t know why. The words just haven’t come, and I’ve felt broken. I had already decided to force myself to write this week before I even saw the promt “Broken” just how I feel when I can’t write words to share with you all.

I don’t know what to write, but I promised myself I would. 5 minutes, even if it’s agony I can endure that.


The world is broken. I see it everywhere. Friends stabbing each other in the back. Marriages falling apart. Sickness hitting everyone. Diseases eating away at people. Cancer killing off person after person. Poverty striking everywhere. Kids being taken away from parents. Crime filling the world. Greed, anger, lust, hate, taking over this world.

This world is broken. I see it everywhere. I don’t know what else to tell you, because it is so obvious. The brokenness, it almost seems like I am cheapening it by trying to tell you of it. You have seen it with your own eyes, I know you have, because it’s everywhere, there is no avoiding it. You probably feel broken yourself. I know I do.

This world it broken. I see it everywhere. It’s true. But stop. Wait. Because that truth just make this truth even more amazing… there is a fixer! There is a renovator for this broken world, these broken lives. There is someone who can take the broken and make it whole again, make it more beautiful than it was before. There’s more good news, are you ready?

The better news is this… I know this someone, this one who fixes, and I’m happy to introduce you to Him. But the good news doesn’t stop there, He wants to know you too, and He’s eager to fix the broken that you see and feel. Really. And there’s more, can you handle more? It’s almost too good already, but there’s more. I know Him, and I’ll introduce you, because he wants to know you and fix the broken… but more than that… He wants to do it for free! There was a cost, it was high, way too high. You could never afford it – I sure couldn’t and it had me in knots, but then He told me, whispered it in my ear… He has paid the price! The cost was high, but he payed it – so for me, for you, the fixing is free!

This world is broken. I see it everywhere. But there is a fixer, so don’t give up hope, don’t despair.

I know you’re waiting. Who is this fixer?

His name is Jesus, he is the Christ, He is the fixer, He is the one who paid the cost.

He became broken, so He could fix – what a paradox.

His name is Jesus, He is God. Today I remember that He is the fixer, I remember the price he paid to fix, I remember Him dying, bleeding, oozing love and sorrow as he hung upon that cross.





3 Comments on “Five Minute Friday : Broken”

  1. So glad you decided to write and link up at 5 Minute Friday today! Isn’t it just like God to meet you in your brokenness? I love your transparency! Such a great prompt for Good Friday, and your thoughts are just beautiful. :-) Easter blessings to you!

  2. kbaesen says:

    Hey! Just visiting from FMF! So glad you wrote your heart onto the page today! Glory! In your brokenness you gave hope!! :)

  3. Audra Silva says:

    This captivated and tugged me through to the end. I wanted to fist pump when I got there. God is so wonderful, and yes, He takes the broken and makes it beautiful. So glad you wrote this week. :)

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