Change is exciting. An intrinsic part of my life.
Big changes happening regularly.
They ask me what is new in my life and they expect a big answer.
It’s exciting, planning, preparing, experiencing the new.







Change is wearying. The way it constantly requires of you to give out.The physical effort, the emotional upheaval.
The letting go of one thing and grasping out for another.
It’s tiring, planning, preparing, saying goodbye to the familiar.





I’ve experienced 6 weeks of boring bliss.
6 weeks of here.
6 weeks of being settled.
6 weeks of being stuck.
6 weeks of no change.
It’s been wonderful, it’s been soothing, it’s been comforting.

But now, now it starts again.






Moving house, touring, traveling, reuniting, moving across the world.
It’s running at me fast and I can’t seem to slow it.
Change is an animal chasing me until it catches it’s prey and ravages my being.
It’s coming and I can’t tame it.





I don’t know how I feel about change.


One Comment on “Change.”

  1. Love this I too don’t know how I feel about change at times. It can be so scary can’t it? Prayers for you. love you

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