1000 Gifts :: Multitudes on Mondays – Catching Up

I didn’t write my 1000 gifts last Monday, although I had been writing them down and tweeting them during the week. Last week I didn’t even manage to write most of them down.

If I don’t write, I normally manage to at least keep up with my link-up days. Mondays and Fridays. Last week I didn’t. I guess it was just one of those weeks – and that’s ok, it’s ok to have those weeks.

Let’s get stuck in to this week though. What am I looking forward to?

#1 Family Dinner on Tuesday
#2 My roommates birthday on Friday.
#3 Alpha course starting.#4 Being more organized
#5 Having a tidy bedroom (but not the actual tidying part)

So my list of gifts this week… (some of which I’m having to write now, because I didn’t write in the week)1000 gifts #46-#66

A gift worn-out, new, made do:
My Body – worn out but healing.
Mercy – New each day, never ending.
Chips & Beans for dinner @ 11pm in bed.

3 gifts seen as reflections:
My sister – seen reflected in a glass door.
Sunshine – Seen reflected in a puddle.
Paved roads – seen reflected in my rear-view mirror.

3 ugly-beautiful gifts:
Chapel renovation – the process of making beauty is ugly – ugliness being turned into beauty.
Receiving a moving out date – life moving forward, beautiful; leaving this behind, ugly.
Snow – beautiful but cold.

3 gifts from the past that help you trust the future:
God’s provision, He will continue to provide.
Friends who stay in the storm – I know they will be there in tomorrows storm too.
Timing that worked out perfectly – His timing will be perfect again.

3 gifts at 3pm
Perfect gift found for my sister’s birthday.
Friendships built.
Being able to but gifts for friends/family.

3 gifts green (These may be slightly obscure)Soy beans – tasty & healthy.
Fun with friends … the carpet in the house is/was green.
Hair straighteners arriving – green on the packaging.

3 gifts wore (I think that’s an americanizm for worn, they’re not so good at grammar)
My black shoes – recently reheeled.
Dressing gown – always keeping me warm.
Black trousers – found at the back of my closet.




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