One Word Rest : 2 Months

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Honestly, I feel like I haven’t done all that well so far with my word. I am making progress, but it is slow, and I find myself so often forgetting it. This week I finally made a canvass for my wall with my OneWord “Rest” to act as a daily reminder.

I find myself sometimes using my word as an excuse. “I should just spend today at home… and it’s ok, I’m resting”
But rest does not mean lazy. There is a line between resting, and being lazy. And drawing that line in the right place is hard. Trying to live that balance is not easy, and I am still learning.

Rest is more than just physical though.
It is emotional, allowing yourself to step back from situations and have a break, to allow yourself time to work through emotions, and find the rest that comes in the processing.
It’s mental, allowing your mind time to shut off, not work, not plan, not make lists, not hold information in your mind, not process, not do anything. It’s spiritual, allowing time for your soul to breathe, finding time to rest in His sweet presence, to let go of the doubts and questions for a while and let the flicker of faith take over, to know He is God and I am not.

Rest is so much, it applies to all aspects of life, all aspects of our being.

I am learning to find time in each day to rest. To sit and be still in a moment. To rest in Him, in al the busyness to still be aware that He is holding me, and carrying me, and in control. To remember it is not in my strength, but in his. To rest knowing He is being strong.
I am learning to savour the quick, quiet, still, moments in between tasks, meetings, jobs, chores, people. To grab the 2 mins, and to make the most out of it. To put everything down, to breathe, and to do whatever I need to do the most with my Saviour, cry, talk, whisper, shout, be still, listen, feel. Rest with him, for those moments, and let them refresh me.

Regular rest interwoven into my everyday life.

Last month whilst I was traveling I read “Unglued” by Lysa TerKeurst. I highly recommend it, if you haven’t read it go and get a copy. Chapter 11 is entitled “My Soul Needs to Exhale” The whole chapter is so good. Let me leave you with two quotes that challenged me. And in the next 4 weeks I am going to work on setting myself a Sabbath, and working out what that looks like in my life.

“Sabbath is a time set aside for my soul to breathe. Really breathe. So much of my daily life is inhaling, inhaling, inhaling – taking so much in and holding my breath hoping I can manage it all. But we can’t just inhale. We must also exhale – letting it all out before God and establishing a healthier rhythm by which to live.”

“In a sense I take this one day for a soul cleaning so I can live the other six with the freedom to breathe that my soul so desperately needs. Freedom to breathe. Space to breathe. Inhaling and exhaling in a gentle rhythm set by God. “


2 Comments on “One Word Rest : 2 Months”

  1. dianerivers says:

    I love the concept of allowing our souls to “exhale”. That’s a great word picture for me. I, too, am one who has a hard time just resting. And yet, resting in Christ’s strength is so replenishing to my own energy level. Good thoughts, here – thanks.

    • EJ Reading says:

      Yes, I love that picture. When I moved to a high-stress situation they told me I needed to find “Breathing holes” and build them into life to prevent burn-out. It got me thinking about it, and noticing what helped my soul to exhale.

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