Merry Mondays #29

I’m back. After an unplanned break. My blog feels neglected, and I feel like I’ve been away from my home here for too long. I’ve been busy with various deadlines to meet, and busy being back on this rainy island, reconnecting, readjusting, rebalancing.

What better way to kick back off than with a Merry Mondays post? I have some news for you though. This will be my last Merry Mondays post as it is at the moment, for a while. Instead I am taking the Joy Dare and counting 1000 gifts this year. I will be linking up with Ann Voskamp and others over at A Holy Experience. Why not join us?

Each day I will be counting 3 gifts, and on a Monday I will share them with you here. I’ll try to also include things I am looking forward to in the coming week, I know many of you use that to keep updated on my life.

So let’s go, our last Merry Monday in this format.

I am thankful for:
1. New families stepping through the doors of our church, for many the first time they have ever been inside a church.
2. Having my sister close-by for a while.
3. My roommate – I know I say that a lot, but she really is pretty great.
4. A safe return to here.
5. A good policing system here, with police who are both firm and compassionate.
6. Being done with some deadlines.
7. Friends who are geographically close.
8. A God who uses us despite all our flaws, and lets us get in on what He is doing.
9. New opportunities.
10. My housegroup.

I am looking forward this week to:
1. Pancakes with many tomorrow evening.
2. New mornings.
3. Time to rest, reflect, and be still.
4. Planning.
5. Bouncing ideas off people and coming up with something great.
6. Creating.
7. Loving.
8. (in)Courage groups starting again.
9. A tidy organized room.
10. Getting a drivable car once more.

What about you? What are you thankful for?


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