Five Minute Friday : Again

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I stand poised, feet in fourth position, legs apart, front knee slightly bent. My arms are up, my head is turned, eyes focused intently on one spot. I steady my breathing, picture myself turning in my head. Suddenly I pull my front leg up underneath me to balance on the top of my block, the other bends up to meet it at its knee and I spin, pirouetting freely. I spin twice round then loose my balance, placing my feet flat on the ground to steady myself.


She shouts. She pushes me to do better, to try harder, to believe it can be done. She is the madame, and so as frustrated as I am, I position myself again, and breathe slowly. I start over. I try again.

I do the double perfectly,the triple eludes me though. I never quite make it. So I face her shouts over and over. “Again!” We’ll keep trying, I’ll keep spinning in front of this mirror, until I achieve it. I’ll learn not to fall before the end.


I wonder how many times in life I end up doing a double pirouette when it’s a triple that’s required of me.
How many times do I miss the mark, fall short?

I need His grace and His mercy new every morning. Again.
I thank Him for his mercy. Again.I thank Him for his forgiveness. Again.

I position myself,
breathe in,
and start over,



20 Comments on “Five Minute Friday : Again”

  1. Holly says:

    Oh, such a beautiful vision of perseverance, dedication, resolve but also of failing, of missing the mark, of not quite getting it…and this is all of us–every day. Oh how we need Him, again and again, how we need Him.

  2. I love how He gives us courage, determination, faith. . .Yes, we keep going, knowing how He holds us and gives us strength. Beautiful.

  3. I remember when my daughter was in ballet when she was so tiny. Just a wobbly toddler really. More interested in parading her tutu than dancing and then as she got older, the classes became more than flouncing about. Now it was steps, and form, and movements that were precise. And she had to grow into all of that a tiny bit at a time. The teacher told her to fixate. Spotting as they whipped their heads around. Don’t lose the mark or you’ll topple. I think of that. How often do I stop spotting, eyes wandering? Stuff to chew on tonight. Thank you for the words to stir it up.

    • EJ Reading says:

      Oh such a good picture Alia. I try to teach my students to spot, it is one of the hardest things to learn and to teach, and yet so very important.
      Isn’t is just so in life to? We must stay focused on Him, keep fixated. Never losing sight of Him, or we’ll topple off course and fall.
      Thanks for drawing that picture. I will remember it whenever I am spotting!

  4. Amy Tilson says:

    So lovely, Emilie. You are able to dance even in your words. There’s so much truth to the losing of balance and not quite finishing. I feel like that most days, focus is definitely my issue. I love that you shared another glimpse into your life. :)

  5. I grew up with dancers…my sisters were on pointe, bleeding calloused feet and all. This metaphor is lovely. I am visiting from Lisa Jo’s. It is so nice to meet you. It is lovely over here and I love the name of your blog.

    • EJ Reading says:

      Oh the days of soaking blood-covered feet in salt water, wrapping bruised toes and slipping them back into those hard shoes.
      Thanks for coming over it was lovely to have you! Come over any time.

  6. fionacharisbrown says:

    Never did master the triple either!!
    Wonderful words here….thank you for them. I’m so thankful for His mercy.

  7. Love this Emilie, I need His grace and mercy new every morning.Amen!!!! I fall short everyday and every second, I am so thankful for His grace!! Thankful for you my friend.

  8. Sue says:

    Hi there Emilie I’m stopping in from FMF at Lisa-Jo’s
    I LOVE the words, “I’ll learn not to fall before the end.” Walking the Christian life takes practice and perserverance and understanding that we aren’t perfect – we are works in progress. And may we all make it to the end of the race!
    Can’t wait to read through your blog… Have a great Sunday!


    • EJ Reading says:

      Thanks for coming by Sue.
      Yes, works in progress, just trying to make it through to the end, and hoping to improve along the way.
      I hope you found grace and encouragement here. You are so welcome here.

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