Merry Mondays #28

It’s Monday again, already! Here come my usual lists.


Thankful for:

1.A great weekend with fantastic friends who encourage, challenge, inspire, and refresh me.
2. The opportunity to meet the little girl my friends recently adopted. I have prayed over this for years, so amazing to see God’s promises fulfilled.
3. Being able to worship along side my brothers and sisters here.
4. Seeing family, relaxing in their home.
5. Airlines that give great service.
6. Airports that are more ‘normal’.
7. Freedom.
8. Grace.
9. His voice speaking into my life.
10. Good health.
11. Peace.
12. Cheap nail varnish.
13. Being able to go to the cinema.
14. My sister who cheers me on.
15. My brothers who do small things to show me I’m loved.
16. God’s timing.
17. Well-said goodbyes.
18. Hope.
19. Hot showers.
20. Evening walks.

Looking forward to:

1. Seeing more good friends.
2. Flying some more… yes, even more!
3. Finishing another book.
4. Writing an exciting email.
5. Being a tiny part of all God is doing here.
6. Living #WideAwake
7. Learning.
8. Seeing the sea.
9. Meeting new people.
10. Dreaming.

I hope you have an exciting week!

What do you have planned?


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