Five Minute Friday: Cherished

It’s time for FMF. Come and hop over to Lisa-Jo’s blog and see who else is writing! They are an incredible bunch of ladies.


Today’s prompt is…



He hates hospitals, more than that he hates needles, and blood, and anything medical or unpleasant.
I lay there almost unconscious from all the drugs yet still in pain. Scared as to what would happen next. Terrified they wouldn’t be able to fix me.

She liked to talk, to fix things, to fill the moments.
I am too weary to listen, not energy to speak, nothing to give to the moments.

He sat next to my bed and held my hand, he soothed and reassured me. He never flinched, winced, or complained as they put needle after needle into me, as they inserted cannulas and central lines, he held my hair as I threw-up – rubbing my back encouraging me to keep fighting, he watched and kept telling me stories to distract me as they passed a tube up my nose and down to my stomach in order to feed me. Despite his own dislikes, fears, desires to run – he stayed- he was there. In all the pain, sickness, confusion – I felt cherished.

She bought me soup, all hot and steaming, to the couch where I was sitting. She sat next to me and held me close, no words passing between us. We stayed like that for an hour, her arm around me,my head resting on her, her breathing soothing my fears, lonely tears running down my cheeks. Willing me with her presence to keep fighting. Her silence lets me know I am cherished.

So it is, when my life seems to be going so horribly wrong, and when it seems God is doing nothing to intervene, but simply sitting beside me holding my hand as I keep going – I must allow him to hold me, and remember, I am cherished. When no words pass between us, his provision remains, and yet he seems so silent – I must rest, and remember, I am cherished.



16 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Cherished”

  1. what a lovely portrait you have painted of faithful presence conveying how deeply you are cherished…I hope you are feeling better…visiting from FMF

  2. Wick says:

    A blessing to remember that knowing we are cherished, releases us to important times/ways of resting. Thanks!

    • EJ Reading says:

      To know we are cherished stop us striving to earn acceptance, love, credit. Instead we can rest and be released into the things He has planned. thank you for making that link.

  3. Mia says:

    What incredible, precious memories that you can take with you wherever you go. Cherished memories of being cherished and love when life got HARD. Memories that give confidence in the heart of our Pappa God to love and cherish us always! Glad I found you at FMF.

  4. Love….I must allow Him to hold me and remember that I am cherished!! Sometimes when it feels God is silent we need to remember (I) need to be reminded that His provisions remain the same. Thank you for encouraging me today!! Missed chatting with you last night..

    • EJ Reading says:

      You are so very cherished sweet Jenn. It is so hard to trust and know His provisions are always enough for us, especially when we can’t hear His sweet whisper to us. Praying we both remember the truth and hold on in all seasons.

  5. Stefanie says:

    You have painted such an incredible picture of love, giving and how to cherish those we love! Your words are beautiful, quickly drawing us into to an amazing love story, a self-sacrificing story.
    Love you, dear friend!

    • EJ Reading says:

      Thank you my beautiful friend. I feel so blessed to have people in my life that cherish me, and model for me what it is to love others. They introduced me to Christ’s grace and love through their actions, and each day since they remind me of how He loves and how we too ought to love.

  6. amyctilson says:

    The picture of being cherished when we are at our weakest is do powerful and vivid. When we have nothing to give and can only receive we are still loved and cared for deeply. Beautiful!

    • EJ Reading says:

      Isn’t that so true? God doesn’t need us, he doesn’t even desire our deeds, when we’ve got nothing He still wants us to be close, He still wants to know us, He wants to love us and treasure us. How amazing.

  7. This is a true word-painting. Beautifully written and rich with emotion. Praying for you dear sister & thankful that you shared your heart today.

  8. shortybear says:

    Amen, so true. Bless you.

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