One Word 2013

Here it is… the post you’ve all been waiting for…

My OneWord for 2013 is…



This word has been pulling at me since November, and as much as I tried to escape it, it stuck to me. So here I am having been chosen by “Rest”

I have no idea what the year will hold, nor how this word will play out in my life, not do I know the lessons that I will learn along the way. What I do know is that this word will teach me lessons, both easy and hard, it will shape my year, and it will no doubt take me on a journey far different than that I could imagine now.

I will be updating on my OneWord each month on the 15th and linking up with Melanie at Only a Breath. I look forward to sharing with you all.

Do you have a OneWord for this year? I’d love to hear it.



6 Comments on “One Word 2013”

  1. I like your word! I think mine is related: dependently. First you rest, then you do things dependently on God who gave the rest. Excited to hear from you monthly on this one!

    • EJ Reading says:

      My word last year was Trust, similar to dependently I guess. My word did I have big lessons in trust. Excited/slightly scared where Rest will take me. Looking forward to following your journey too.

  2. If you are like me and always go-go-go, then the word rest can almost be scary. We can remember that when we rest in Him, we can live more purposefully than when we’re busy. Praying His blessing over your year!

    • EJ Reading says:

      I used to be go-go-go but the past couple of years, or so, have been full of rest – but mainly forced upon me through health, not chosen. So to choose rest, to remember to rest in Him, and to learn how to rest even when life is busy will be hard, interesting, good, stretching.

  3. shortybear says:

    I like your word, my word is healing.

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