Five Minute Friday : Dive

It’s Friday which means it’s time to write for five minutes along with all the ladies over at Lisa-Jo’s Blog. One of my favourite times of the week. If you want to join in feel free, blog, pen and paper, email, whatever. Click on the button to find out more!


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I spent a large part of my summer learning to dive. I know I’m kinda old to be learning to dive, but I was. I’m not talking about the 10M diving board dives either, I’m talking about the off the edge of the pool dives.

I went on holiday, staying in a villa and in our garden was a pool. My joints were particularly bad at this point; swimming, sitting, and just being in the water soothed them so well. I felt like I could move almost pain-free for the first time in a long time. It was so freeing and I spent as many hours as I could in that pool. Soothing my joints and strengthening the muscles that surround them. The Olympics were on and watching those divers inspired me to learn. I bought goggles and a nose-clip, asked my eldest brother for advice, and started out.

I stood on the edge of the pool, toes overhanging the side, I bought my arms up by my ears and placed the palms of my hands together, my knees bent slightly and I took a deep breath. Just spring up a little and point your head downwards and feet up int the air. I began to stretch out my knees, but got nervous at the last moment and my feet never left the ground. My brother stood in the pool watching and laughing, I giggled too – what a sight I looked! I replaced my hands and started over, deep breath, my knees straightened out at speed and I sprung into the air. I began to tilt my body, then at the last moment fear took over and I chickened out. I hit the water at speed but I hadn’t fully rotated and my belly smacked on the surface, belly-flop, ouch!

Following the dreams, passions, and visions God has given us often requires us to dive. We feel like much could go wrong, we feel inexperienced and under qualified, we feel like this could so easily end in much pain, and yet there is a thrill and excitement about it too. As I stood at the edge of the pool poised to dive both fear and excitement surged through my body. It was a big moment, I did not know what would happen, where I would land, or how I would get there, it was time to simply dive.

When I dived into that pool I allowed fear to take over and it ended in a belly-flop and pain.
My dreams and passions will require me to dive at times. I pray the fear will not over-take me, but instead that I will dive full of faith and confident in the power and ability of God.

Let’s dive together, lets feel the excitement and full trust in Him as we launch ourselves into the unknown and wait for the results.

STOP (ok that actually took me 8 mins)


12 Comments on “Five Minute Friday : Dive”

  1. So lovely and I will hold your hand if you hold mine and we will jump together off the side of the pool:) Beautiful!!

  2. christywillard says:

    Belly flopping certainly hurts! I wrote about a dive that turned into a belly flop on my blog, as well. You are so right, diving in to what God guides might hurt. It might not. We just have to trust Him. And when we don’t, there are often consequences. Just like when your fear caused you to abort the dive and ended in a belly flop. Thanks for sharing!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  3. Mia says:

    Thank you, I would have giggled along with your brother and you! I wonder what illness you suffer from for I have Fm/CFS?
    Hugs, dear one, and don’t worry about the extra minutes!

  4. amyctilson says:

    Isn’t nice to have someone to laugh at ourselves with when we choke or belly flop? So glad you shared this story.

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