Five Minute Friday : Opportunity

FMF is BACK! I am so happy, I have missed it, and all you lovely ladies so much!

I’m told by my good friend Libby at Beauty out of Dust, told me that this weeks prompt is “Opportunity”. In case you’ve missed, I’m currently away in a location with VERY slow internet. This is the first time I’ve been able to access my blog myself. I’m typing this in the QuickPress box, which I’ve never used before… so sorry about lack of formatting.

Anyways… without further ado…



I live life in moments. If I think too much about too far ahead I feel overwhlemed. I can normally cope with a whole day, but any more than that is pushing it. I’m being totally serious. I take each day as it come, a day contains enough crazy, joy, frustrations, stress, beauty, love for me to handle. Tomorrow I will think about tomorrow.

Moments, moment by moment I live my life. Sometimes I think the moments are insignificant. That there is nothing special or useful or out of the ordinary that can come from the moment in question.
But the moments make up the whole, how I live this moment effect how the whole turns out. The baking soda in the cake probably feels insignificant, it’s only a pinch… and yet, without it my cake would turn into a pancake. It is vital for the whole to turn out well. So it is with my moments.

I can view my moments as useless… or I can change my perspective. I can view each moment as an opportunity. In each moment there is an opportunity, to choose joy, to spread love, to give hope, to experience, to value, to be. In each moment there is opportunity to create life, or allow death. I try to veiw each moment as important, each moment with opportunity, and sieze that opportunity, be aware of the opportunity it contains.

That is the truth, in each moment these is an opportunity. Will you use it? Will you create, pass on, encourage something good, positive, right? Will you take the opportunity and use it well?


I hope to be back soon… if you found this without my link-up WELL DONE!… I am going to try to link up, but not sure I’ll be successful.


4 Comments on “Five Minute Friday : Opportunity”

  1. Julie says:

    I sometimes wish that I could live moment by moment like that. I am a planner by nature (and nurture) and need to see where things are headed in the big picture… but I should slow down and live life with the moment by moment you talk about here.

    Visiting from FMF! Glad you were able to post! :)

    • EJ Reading says:

      It hasn’t always been that way. It took loosing almost everything and major chronic illness to get me to that place! I think I’m more in tune with God for it and more free to go with whatever He sends my way. Thankful for the lessons learnt.

      Praying He will take you to the places you need to go too, some of us are planners, some of us are not.

  2. corifraser says:

    totally found you without a link-up!!! hooray for FB!
    well said, my friend!

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