Merry Mondays #25

Hello! I know I have been absent for a very long time… sorry. My internet is struggling at the moment and is too slow to blog from. My sweet friend Lindsey is posting the next few days up for me, and in trying to not overload her with things, I’m still graphic-less. You’re just going to have to get over that!

Let’s kick-off being back with a Merry Mondays post… email me with your lists or comment below! I love getting them :o)


I am thankful for:

1. Hot water bottles… they are life-savers on cold, cold nights.
2. Friends who give up time to update my blog for me.
3. Being back here, in my heart-land.
4. My team who are like family. Love them.
5. Being able to remember much of my language.
6. All the amazing time I’ve been able to spend with people here.
7. A joy-full Christmas.
8. Good health.
9. Being able to Skype with my whole family on Christmas Day.
10. Children playing in the snow, their laughter and enjoyment.

Looking forward to:

1. Spending more time with local friends.
2. Seeing ideas come together.
3. Spending time together with my team.
4. Pipes unfreezing and getting running water again (hopefully)
5. Taking a shower and washing my hair.
6. Having a certain family over for dinner.
7. Emails – sending and receiving.
8. Taking more photos and film.
9. Getting mail from my brothers (hopefully)
10. Just being here.

What about you? What are you thankful for? What’s happening this week for you?


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