In The Hurt Christmas Makes Sense


A season of joy.

A season to always be ready with a smile.

A season to be filled with excitement.

A season to be overflowing with laughter.

A season of expectation and hope.

A season of warm contentment and fulfilled-ness.


That’s what we’re told right? What we’re bought up to believe. What society demands of us. What we feel obligated to conform to. The pressure to attend the carol service, to make an appearance at each party, to be ready with a happy smile and joyful word, to talk about how great life is and how wonderful you feel.

Only that isn’t reality for so many. So many are broken, so many don’t feel the excitement and happiness of Christmas at all. They are hurting, grieving, mourning, depressed, recovering, ill, whatever it is, they are not experiencing life as great nor feeling wonderful.

I wonder if it is in our brokenness that we find the real meaning of Christmas at its most powerful. I know for me this has been the case. The years when I have been most broken are the years when I have been hit the hardest with the truth of the message of Christmas.

For isn’t that why He came? That Jesus, that God, that little baby, that Saviour of the world. Didn’t he come for the broken? For the sick? For the hurting? Isn’t that why he gave up heaven and perfection for this, this horrific, hateful, harsh world?

christmas bulletin 1

So I think that in our brokenness the message shouts the loudest.
He came, to heal.
He came, to restore hope.
He came, to give joy.
He came, to love.
He came, to make a way.
He came, to redeem.
He came.
God with us.
Christ, Messiah.
He came.

He came for our hurting, and in our pain we appreciate that he came to give back what has been stolen. We can be so thankful, in wonder and awe that there is life after heartbreak, because of Him.

This Christmas let’s all stop pretending, let’s be real about the places that hurt, and let’s be thankful that Jesus was born to reach into those exact places and make them new.

4 Comments on “In The Hurt Christmas Makes Sense”

  1. Lindsey V says:

    Beautiful insightful words, dear heart! I reviewed Mandisa’s Christmas album and there is a song that says Christmas Makes me Cry talking about a lot of this….AND there is a post with a 6 minute audio at the end that you MUST listen too…so in line with what you are saying!

  2. Mia says:

    I am soooo glad that someone is honest enough to speak up and tell the thruth about The Truth!
    Thank you, this needed to be said rather sooner than later!
    Bless you

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