Air Travel

As I’m writing this sat in an airport between flights, I figured it was appropriate to tell you some of my flying preferences. I do a lot of travel, so this forms a significant part of me, it’s a get to know me kinda post. If you reply, then it will be a get to know you too kinda post.

Ok, so, in general I love airplane travel. I feel so at home in airports and on planes. I love the busy, international, anonymity, yet still “we’re all in this together” feel of being in an airport.
What I love the most is watching people arrive and being met by people in the arrivals terminal. I love guessing what their relationship to each other is, where they’ve been, how long they’ve been gone for, why they’ve been gone, etc. etc. I love watching the happy tears stream down faces, the warm embraces, the greeting and questions and news all quickly garbled out as if there is no time to lose. I love it.

I enjoy the routine of flights. I like knowing exactly what is expected of me. I also like the freedom from cultural rules. On a flight you can speak whatever language you like, act according to which ever culture you like, you can sleep, or not, eat, or not, smile, cry, laugh, talk, be silent.
What I love the most though, is the disconnection from everything, and the total lack of guilt in that. No emails, phones, texts, tweets, no communication. No chores to be done, no errands to be run, no duties. You can simply sit, and be, enjoy rest, enjoy time out, and feel no guilt. No-one will condemn you, or challenge you. “Oh you were flying? Oh ok then, that’s fine.” I love the escapism of a flight.

Now, having said all that, there are a few things I really don’t appreciate. I might even go as far as saying hate, but I won’t. They are just strong dislikes. Things that make me grind my teeth and mutter under my breath. These are them:

  1. When they don’t connect a tunnel to your plane and you have to walk down steps and get a bus.
  2. When said bus takes about 1/2 an hour, all stuffy and packed, to leave, only to drive you 200 yards.
  3. When they do unnecessary checks. Like wanting to see your boarding card to buy a bottle of water.
  4. When check-in desks are unbearably slow.
  5. When the person in front of you at security is totally incompetent. Wear easy to get on and off shoes, don’t wear a belt, have your liquids in a bag and handy, and keep your laptop at the top of your bag people. Seriously, these rules have been in operation for a VERY long time now, there is no excuse not to be prepared. And if you’re not, get to the back of the queue.
  6. When people take forever to get seated on the plane, blocking the aisle whilst they sort themselves out so no-one else can get through.
  7. Having to turn off electronic devices at take off and landing. It’s inconvenient if you’re in the middle of reading.
  8. Cheap airlines. Everything about them.
  9. Uncontrolled kids. If they don’t know how to not cry or scream, drive. I don’t mind chatter, the odd bit of crying, walking around, laughing. But kicking my chair, non stop crying, and endless screaming is not ok.
  10.  Sitting in the emergency exit row. It’s cold, there’s nothing to put your feet up on, and that’s a lot of responsiblity if the plane DOES go wrong.

Ok people, what are your loves and hates about flying?

PS … I’m back! Finally. I know, it’s been a long break.


5 Comments on “Air Travel”

  1. Mia says:

    Nice post! How does the saying go … You cannot have your bread buttered on both sides. I really enjoyed reading this.

  2. Lindsey V says:

    I just wrote today about airport moments….fun stuff to read your thoughts here!

  3. amyctilson says:

    Whole extended families traveling together, scattered around the plane and acting like it’s their own private charter! Stop shouting yo each other across 6 rows already!!! OK, I feel better now. ;)

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