Photos in Lieu of Words

I’m trying desperately to get back to blogging, but I haven’t had a long enough moment to sit down and write. I’m sorry. I’m working on posts a little at a time when I can and I hope to get something up by the weekend. But no promises. Just taking it as it comes at the moment. This time next week I will be in a bit more of a routine again and hope to be able to write consistently again. I have missed it.

To keep you going though, I’m going to do a photo-post. Easier for you to read, easier for me to write, win-win!



It was nearly the end of November when I got my first Christmas cup! I normally drink my coffee in places, so don’t get a take-out cup!



Me, my little brother – James, and My little sister – Kelly.

We had a formal Christmas dinner for the youth. All the leaders and most of the youth went. The elders and pastors waited and cleared up. Amazing musicians, and brilliant cooks. It was an all-round fantastic evening. We can’t get rid of all our crazy – even for formal events.


Sunday consisted of a LOT of these.



In order for people to make a ton of these! Christingles – an advent tradition in England. The orange represents the world; the red tape, Jesus’ blood; the 4 toothpicks, the 4 gospels which are to be spread to the 4 corners of the earth; the 9 sweets/fruits, the 9 fruits of the spirit; and the candle, Jesus the light of the world.



Christmas late-night shopping. This brass band were playing right beneath my bedroom, the whole floor was vibrating! Beautiful music though.



We had a house Christmas Party / me leaving. This cute girly was my favourite guest – no questions.



closely followed by these lovelies who came from miles away just to be with me! Love them!



It all got a bit much at this party, so I decided to grow a mustache for Movember.



Cold, cold, weather, but bright blue skies with winter trees – beauty.



Amazing stag in the park near here.



My beautiful cousin with whom I’m staying for a few days. Joyful girl.


I hope you enjoyed that little insight into my life. I hoe to be back with more words soon.


2 Comments on “Photos in Lieu of Words”

  1. Mia says:

    Thank you sooooo much. What a nice visual treat.
    Much love

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