No, I haven’t been given a time-out. (Sorry to disappoint)

And, no, I haven’t given anyone a time out… not today anyway. (But it could be you, so be good!)

As you may have noticed things have been a little quiet around here. That was unintentional. I got sick, and a combination of puke, pain, poop, drugs, sleep, and hospitals made it impossible for me to write (other than FMF). Sorry about that, if I had been less ill I would have missed writing.

I’m going away tomorrow for a while to be with my Aunt, and other family, as we celebrate my uncle’s life and attend his funeral. My dad is flying over, my cousins are flying down, my brother and I are driving across, and other family are gathering from all over. I want to be fully there, I want to give them 100% of my time, energy, and attention. I need to feel, experience, and live those moments with them. With this in mind I’m taking a one-week blog time-out.

It will be eerily quiet around here. Don’t be scared. Don’t be worried. I will be back. I will make lots of noise once more. Since it will have been almost 2 weeks since you’ve heard much from me, I’m expecting lots of love when I get back. Ha!

Seriously though, thanks for understanding. I’m looking forward to being back in this space soon.

Whilst I’m away talk to me…

What are you up to?

What are you doing for Advent?


2 Comments on “Time-Out”

  1. Sue Lindsay says:

    Thinking of you and all your family. Be very blessed Emily xx

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