Merry Mondays #23

I missed out last week because I was traveling, but I kind of made up for it by writing “Joy in my Driving”. I always notice the difference when I don’t stop to take a moment at the beginning of my week to do this. Writing these two lists re-focuses me on what’s important. So that said, let’s get started If you’re new around here click on the button to find out more.

Thankful to God for:

1. Christmas decorations. They add so much fun and happiness to the house.
2. A MUCH improved bed, so much warmer and comfier. All thanks to Mr CN.
3. My church, good bits and bad bits, I am thankful to be a part of a place that seeks after God’s heart.
4. The youth at my church, they have such beautiful hearts.
5. My housemate. She’s pretty amazing and I will miss her when we’re apart.

This week I am looking forward to:

1. Having a couple of “free” days to catch up on things.
2. Finally booking flights.
3. Skyping with my friend, MC, who ran away to the North… can’t wait to catch up.
4. Skyping with wonderful ladies and friends LvN, LR and SB.
5. Skyping with one of my fave Somerset families.
(That’s a LOT of skyping, for a girl who doesn’t enjoy skype!)

PS It’s my birthday on Friday. I don’t really like celebrating it, but I like people to know so I can use it as a bribe to get people to do things for me. Ha ha.

Why don’t you join in? What does your week look like?


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