Joy in my Driving

This week I have been doing a lot of driving. Each day I’ve had to re-fuel, turn on the GPS, and get myself settled for a long journey. Thankfully I enjoy driving, I enjoy the time and space it gives me, I enjoy the feeling of being on a journey, I enjoy speeding along the highway, I enjoy lots about it. A long drive each day however, does get a little tiresome. My legs are feeling the hours of being sat in one position, and as I climb out of my car each stop my legs object a little more.


In my drives I have had some fun moments, and I thought I’d keep a track and share them with you at the end of the week. So here are my moments of fun and joy as I was driving this past week:

#1 Seeing a “Downton” lorry, that someone had graffiti-ed “Abbey” below the”Downton” – It made me chuckle.
#2 Overtaking an ambulance which had it’s lights flashing and sirens going off. Don’t worry it wasn’t dangerous – it was, however, fun!
#3 Taking an unintentional 1.5 hour detour into the middle of Wales and back, which led me to see Mount Snowdon.
#4 Trying to mop up a heavy nosebleed whilst driving a manual car, on the highway, and going round many round-a-bouts. I got out of my car miles later with blood smeared across my face, and drops all over my top! It was an experience.
#5 Reading a book whilst driving on the motorway. There was a stand-sill traffic jam. So I got out Crazy Love and just started reading away in between the crawls!
#6 Seeing smoke billowing, and then getting a glimpse of fire. Being stopped by the fire crew, and my first reaction was to ask “Has there been an explosion??” REALLY need to re-train my mind, they laughed at me! Forest fire.
#7 Seeing, and having time to appreciate, some STUNNING sunsets.
#8 Turning off my lights and driving in the dark, down the part of the road with LED cats-eyes. Feeling like I was in space, just darkness and little blue lights.
#9 Someone letting me skip in front of them in the fuel queue.
#10 Parking up at home, behind that little Punto that tells me Lauren is home.


One Comment on “Joy in my Driving”

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