Five Minute Friday : Quiet

It’s friday. Time to wrtie for 5 mins flat, no editing, no over-thinking with Lisa-Jo and so many others. Click the button to find out more,and to join in!For me, this week is extra special… it was my first #FMFParty! SO much fun, and carziness, and panic trying to keep up! LOVED IT. Unfortunately it’s at 3am my time, so might not be doing it very often.

Ok this weeks topic is….



I literally just laughed out loud when I saw this weeks topic. Quiet. I’ve been talking lots this week, especially with my good friend Linds about rest and quiet.

When I was little I loved quiet. Noise agravated me. If talk around the table got too noisy you’d find me sitting with my eyes closed and my hands over my ears.
As I got older quiet slipped away, it lost it’s power to music, chatter, traffic, movies. Noise was my new quiet. It was where I found solace, where I got my motivation. You’d always find my with headphones in, unless I was chatting away to someone.
Then I moved to a high-stress situation, and suddenly quiet was all that kept me balanced and sane. I’d steal away moments whenever I could to get some quiet. To just sit and be in the stillness.
During my last bout of depression quiet scared me. It gave space for all my thoughts to be loud. I downed it out with whatever noise I could, anything to scream louder than those thoughts.
Now, now I long for quiet. But so rarely have it.

I know quiet is essential for my life. To keep me grounded, re-freshed, motivated, stable. Yet quiet is the one thing I struggle most to get, the thing at the bottom of my priority list, the thing I never schedule in.

This week I am going to re-instate quiet into my life.



32 Comments on “Five Minute Friday : Quiet”

  1. I can relate to quiet being frightening when you are depressed. I think since I was raised in such chaos I still love quiet, even when I am fighting a depressive episode and I think because of being accustomed to chaos, I can even find quiet amidst all of that. Quite a gift.

    I laughed when I saw the topic, too. And my fingers ran and I felt sorta like I was just rambling but I said what I needed to say, I suppose!

  2. PS – I didn’t know this was your first FMFParty. I am glad you made it! My Friday always starts out better when I attend the FMFParty the night before… (it is just past 9 pm here on the west coast!)

    Welcome, welcome, welcome!

    • Emilie R says:

      It was! :o) Not my first FMF, but my first party. Unfortunately it just made my Friday start in a bit of a rush after such a late night / early morning! It was 6am by the time I got to bed, ha ha ha! BUT it was a wonderful end to a Thursday. Hope to make it again soon.

  3. I absolutely agree with you! in from FMF.

  4. Mindy Bowman says:

    I have always hated the quiet. My punishment when younger was to be sent to my room and it drove me nuts! But like you as I find myself in more and more stressful, everyday life things I am longing for more quiet time. I will be instituting it as well! ;)

  5. Barbie says:

    Sometimes I don’t want to quiet my mind, because that’s when the voices that come to kill, steal and destroy come in. But God’s voice is louder so I will not fear the quiet!

  6. Hoping you find the time for that quiet soon. I struggle with depression as well and know that it can be scary and alone and the noise from ourselves can overwhelm but the quiet that comes from time with God, heals and refreshes. Praying you carve that much needed space out.

    • Emilie R says:

      Thank you for your prayers. It’s strange isn’t it, how we long for healing, and we know that often come from the quiet, yet we fill our lives with noise.

  7. Claire says:

    Good luck with the reinstating :) I love the quiet times.

  8. andrea says:

    When I began experiencing mild depression and anxiety last year, it was a wake up call to be more attentive to getting the quiet I was clearly craving. I love how God can use quiet to heal.

  9. I can relate to quite a bit of what you shared. Blessings!

  10. Danielle says:

    The life cycle is so true, for me as well. As a child, I wanted quiet. I traded that as a teen for noise, and lots of it. Marriage, children, life and all it’s messy ways brought me back to my knees screaming BE QUIET…and still. Thanks for reminding me about the seasons of my life by sharing yours…

  11. Oh, I struggle with quiet. I love solitude, but noise in the solitude. Make sense? It’s tough for me to be home without some type of noise flying around the house. Practicing quiet is a need for me, a great need.

    Thank you for sharing you heart, allowing me to get to know you a bit better:)

    • Emilie R says:

      I am the same. Noise in the solitude, and yet I know I NEED quiet. Today I intentionally turned off all radio and music in my car and spent an hour of my journey in quiet. It was strange, and good.

      You are MORE than welcome, I’m glad you visited me here, and I am so enjoying getting to know you friend.

  12. AJ Collins says:

    Oh yes. Quiet for too long can be dangerous for me too. Those negative thoughts come in and attack. But Quiet can be good too, it allows me to think clearer and hear the voice of God… :)

    • Emilie R says:

      I find quiet scary sometime because I have to face my thoughts head on, I have to deal with what I’m feeling. But in the quiet processing comes God’s voice and His healing. And Oh how beautiful and precious that is.

  13. Nancy says:

    “I’ve been talking lots this week, especially with my good friend Linds about rest and quiet.” This made me laugh out loud. :) Oh, the irony. I’ve had similar experiences in my life, as well. Now I am looking forward to my quiet times of soaking in and going deeper with God and with myself.

    • Emilie R says:

      yes! I learn so much about myself in the quiet reflections. I’ve got a couple of days of being away and having some periods of quiet and space… going to htink about how to structure that in to my everyday life better.

  14. Sometimes noise is my quiet, too. After all of our election craziness it was so wonderful on Wednesday to just enjoy the retreat of phone calls and campaign ads. I noticed the absence and it was wonderful. Still enjoying it 3 days later – it was THAT bad.

  15. oh yes. let’s both try for quiet this week…
    (but not during #FMFParty of course, which I hope you make it to again!) : )

    So thrilled to meet you…
    All for Him with hugs to you,

    • Emilie R says:

      This is the first time the FMF topic has really been going round my head and impacting my whole week. I’m posting a part 2 on Thursday!
      Friday is looking pretty quiet this week, so I hope to make it Thursday night :)
      Thanks for joining me here :)

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