Merry Mondays #22

Yes it’s that time of the week again. Let’s kick this week off with a bit of joy! Have no idea what this is all about? Click on the button above to find out.

Thankful to God for:

1. Amazing visa successes. More than I could ever ask or imagine.
2. God in the details of life.
3. Twitter – it provides me with so much late night fun, and some much needed light relief.
4. Energy and joy during my crazy busy week.
5. Precious, treasured, moments in amongst all the craziness that was the past 7 days.
6. People God puts in my life, even just for one conversation.
7. Bekah, 1 year old, alive and well.
8. Sunny days even in the middle of winter
9. A week of being an hour closer to many of my friends.
10. Dairy-free Cheese. Yum.

Looking forward this week to:

1. Hotels – something I love about being in a hotel, that in between, with so many random people from all over, gathered in one place.
2. Traveling – I love being on the road. I feel at home when I’m in between places. #TCKtraits
3. Hanging out with and catching up properly with Lucy.
4. Seeing Ayah and her darling boy Peter. Loving on them, and being with them.
5. Meetings being over for a while.
6. Visiting various churches who pray for and are a massive part of the work in THAT country.
7. Sitting with individuals who have supported me over the years, appreciating them, sharing with them.
8. Meeting the new lady at my office.
9. Booking flights — EEEEEEKKKK.
10. Being back home after being away – 1st night back in your own bed is always wonderful.

Another jam-packed week ahead for me, jam-packed of good things though. Apologies in advance for my probable lack of appearance around here. Feel free to send me disapproving emails – it might help me get onto it!

What about you? What’s your week looking like?


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