Merry Mondays #21

It’s Monday!…. Just. This is a little later than usual sorry. I’ve had a busy, but wonderful weekend away with good friends, and so I’ve not had a chance to write this sooner.

Here we go…

Things I am thankful to God for:

1. A great time away with good friends.
2. Dinner with a wonderful friend, who hasn’t been seen in too long.
3. A car that works.
4. Friends who come and remove spiders from my house late at night.
5. Friends all over the world who, despite the distance, care and love in ways beyond words.
6. Good health.
7. The energy to interact with people again, FULLY.
8. The internet
9. Finances.
10. The fact He never, ever, lets go.
11. Churches and pastors that love on me and minister to me.
12. The way he has grown and stretched me the past year.
13. My lovely Fran, who 10 years ago today, left us to go and be with Him.
14. The ability to sleep.
15. My life.

Got a bit carried away with my thankfulness this week! I am just so thankful to God for so many things, and I wanted to share some of those with you.

Things I am looking forward to this week:

1. Getting back in the pool tomorrow.
2. Drawing up a proposed schedule for the next 6 months.
3. Soul Survivor Saturday celebration.
4. Church meeting (yeah I’m a little strange).
5. Seeing some amazing young people.
6.The privilege of teaching some of the next generation a little more about God.
7. Making rhubarb crumble.
8. Working HARD… or the finished product of working hard.
9. Roast butternut squash
10. Messing around and chilling with my super housemate.

I guess I got a little carried away all round this week!

What’s good in your life right now?

I know there’s something, no matter how big or small.


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