Five Minute Friday : Look

It’s time for five minute Friday with Lisa-Jo. If you’re not familiar with the five minute Friday link-up, we write on a set topic for 5 mins, each Friday. If you want to know more, click on the button below.

Today’s topic is…



I look at what you’ve written and it shakes me, my heart stops for a moment, and air escapes my lungs . I quickly look away from the screen, and my heart beats again and my lungs fill with air once more. My hands are look back, and then swiftly shift my gaze once more. As if not looking would make the moment disappear.

The next day you knock on my door, I open it and look at your face, you look right back at me, and I feel the tears welling up. I look down at my feet, trying to regain composure. I look back at your eyes and then rapidly shift my eyes to look away, to look over your shoulder, to look at the wall, to look up at the ceiling, anywhere but at you. As if not looking at you would make the truth disappear.

I see her in the street and I turn my head to look in the opposite direction until she’s passed. Not wanting to speak to her, or see her, I look intently at the displays in shop windows. Looking anywhere but at her, as if not looking would make her, and the memories of her, disappear from my life.

Reality is reality; whether we look and see or not. Refusing to look doesn’t erase the truth, refusing to look doesn’t bring healing, refusing to look doesn’t bring solutions. So, why then, are we so reluctant to look? Maybe if we chose to look and see the acceptance the healing, and the redemption would come sooner.



8 Comments on “Five Minute Friday : Look”

  1. Katina says:

    LOVE this! HOw right you are. I think if we LOOK then we know that we have to do something. We have to face our feelings and have a hard conversation. Looking away means that we are trying to stuff our feelings down and pretend they don’t matter. But they do matter and looking away doesn’t keep the peace… looking away most times ruins the releationship. Great post!

    • Emilie R says:

      Katina, how right you are, looking away most times ruins the relationship; thank you for that reminder. I pray we all have the courage to keep looking even when it hurts and it’s scary.

  2. No it doesn’t. And refusing to look also limits our ability to pray into the issue. You have to see it for what it is in order to pray for the right things.
    God bless! Praying for peace.

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