Writing Without Words

What do you write when you have no words left.

When your heart is full and your mind is spinning, but there are no words. When you don’t even know what your heart is full of – or you do but it’s so many different things it would be hard to form it into any, one, comprehensible, piece of writing. What do you do then?

I tend to draw, to paint, or to create. To let my mind wander and my hands do the expressing, and hope that the tangled knot of thoughts and emotions inside will slowly unravel to show me at least one, single, thread I can follow from start to end. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes I’m still left with no words. A blank screen staring at me, taunting me, mocking me. I stare back, unafraid, and undeterred, simply frustrated. For I know there is so much to be said, so much to express, and yet – nothing. So I begin typing, I let my fingers wander as they tell unrelated stories, and write disconnected thoughts. I see if without my mind too strongly engaged they will tap out something of meaning, something which makes sense. I scrap it, and I start over, and over, and over. Sometimes there is an outcome, and sometimes I close my laptop, defeated.

They tell me to write, whether I feel like it or not; these people who have traveled farther down this road than I can imagine. They talk to me and say, “When you feel you have something to say, and when you don’t – write. When you feel inspired and when you don’t – write. When it’s easy, and when it’s hard – write. When you have the time, and when you’re crazy busy – write. Every day, write. Just keep writing, never stop.”

That is what I do, I keep writing. Some days it makes it further than my own personal screen, and some days it doesn’t. Nevertheless I never stop writing, for to me writing is praise, and worship, and healing, and freedom, and love, and joy, and connecting.


I wrote this with no words left. I wrote this after five pieces that were shoved to one side.


How do you feel about writing?
What do you never stop?


4 Comments on “Writing Without Words”

  1. Sue Lindsay says:

    The words ‘flying without wings’ come to mind … and also ‘keep on keeping on’. I think you are walking along a well trodden path, and that you aren’t alone. ‘Press on towards the goal’ and ‘continue running the race’. God is, and will continue to break through and speak through you. This is how most of my sermons get written as well, though I can’t seem to get the words sorted ’til the very last moment!! They whirl around in my mind for ages and then seem to settle into some kind of shape. I should be as disciplined as you are Emilie – meaning ‘disciplined’ in the truest sense of the word ;) Oh how wonderful it is to be able to immerse yourself in the Living Word! xx

    • Emilie R says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Sue. I’ll be sure to keep walking this path, and I shall pray that God uses my words. I am always so overwhelmed when someone tells me how God used my words to get to them, and I thank God that he was willing to let me be a tiny part of something.

  2. Sometimes writing is hard, sometimes it isso natural. It’s a funny thing

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