Thanking Mothers : Challenging the Child-free

When I look at the kids work in my local church I notice most of the people running it are mothers. It grieves my heart.

There are amazing women in this world. Women who spend day after day looking after their babies, their kids, their teens. Women who go out of the house to work, and then come back to their house and use energy that doesn’t exist make it a home. Women who spend all day at home surrounded by their kids, void of adult conversation and company, and who still pour out to create memories. Women who do the most important job, who raise the next generation, without getting paid, without being thanked; when they feel like it and when they feel like running away; they continue to love, to work, to raise those children.

Each Sunday there are a few hours, amongst all those other hours in the week, where they are ushered into God’s presence without fighting kids, dirty nappies, endless chatter, constant demands. An opportunity for them to have a couple of hours being with God, communing with Him without the anticipation of the next interruption. Knowing their kids are being looked after, and are also learning about and experiencing God.  Yet so many of them are denied that one breathing space in their week.  So many sacrifice it because others do not take on the responsibility of the kids work.

So my child-free friends. This is a challenge to you and to I.

Let’s say thank you to all those mothers out there who are busy raising up men and women of Christ. Let us express our gratitude to those mothers who day after day pour themselves out, deny their own desires, and selflessly provide with no recognition. Let us tell them that what they do is so very important, that they are so valuable, that they are noticed, and that they are appreciated. Let us step up to the plate and say you deserve these two hours of space, these times of being filled, of being refreshed. Let us take on the responsibility of kids work, let us care for their babies, let us give them a quick breather in their weeks.


2 Comments on “Thanking Mothers : Challenging the Child-free”

  1. Ellie says:

    I was stunned when we first went to the church that became our home church. I said I can volunteer in nursery or toddler class. I was kindly, but firmly, told that I was not allowed to as I had babies in that age. Our church believed that mothers needed one hour where they could hear God without rocking babies, and that they believed that there were enough people in the family of God who could rock babies and play with the toddlers so that could happen. I blinked twice and began to go to church. Even when my second baby came along, a clingy child who screamed bloody murder every Sunday morning, my children’s pastor calmly took my baby, gave me a gentle shove to the sanctuary, and told me, “Even if I have to staff the nursery with an extra volunteer just to walk this child up and down the halls, I will do it. But we believe moms need to be able to go to church during this season of their lives. What a blessing that church was!!!

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