Five Minute Friday : Race

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Today’s topic is….


In two days time I will remember the day she finished her race. Even 10 years on I will remember every detail about that day and the days leading up to it.

She finished her race just a couple of days after the turned 16. Unconscious, she wasn’t aware of her turning another year, and neither was she aware that she was finishing her race.

She had lived like it was a race though, not a race against anyone else, simply a race against herself and a race against time. How much good could she do? How much could she love? How much more could she know God? How much better could she sing? How much more could she be molded into His likeness? She raced and strove to know God the most she could, and to love the most she could. She ran towards those things, knowing they were worth the effort.

Her race was evident to me. Her arms around me spoke of love. Her encouragement to not give up on myself, not give up on God, not give up on school, spoke of wisdom. Her joy and her passion spoke of Christ in her. She showed me what is was to run towards the things that mater.  She modeled a good race for me.

She was my best friend, suddenly and shockingly her race came to an end. Crossing the finish line made me aware that one day I would cross my own and I never knew when it was.

Seeing her finish and finish well made me question. How well am I running this race and what am I racing towards?

As I remember, I re-evaluate again, what am I running towards? How well am I racing?



4 Comments on “Five Minute Friday : Race”

  1. Wow…touching post, Emilie! Thank you for sharing the story. It brings tears.

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