Five Minute Friday : Welcome

It’s Friday, and I’m on the ball for once, which means I’m doing a 5 minute Friday post! Each Friday Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama hosts a link-up challenging us to write for 5 mins on a set topic. No editing, no over thinking, just writing. It’s freeing an it’s fun.
Why don’t you hop over there and see what other people have to say, or give it ago yourself? Don’t have a blog? Then join in on a piece of paper! You could always email / mail it to me, and maybe I’ll put it up here!



This weeks topic is Welcome…
Are you ready?







“Welcome” It’s a word we throw around a lot. “Welcome to my home”, “Welcome to church”, “You’re welcome [for what I did/ what I gave]”, “Your presence here is welcome”. I wonder though how often we really mean it and how often it’s just a word.
I like to think that welcome means, may it come well to you, whatever my sacrifice must be. May being in my home be a positive experience for you, may what I have given you be good, you being here makes us feel well, may being at church make you well.


Do we really mean it though? When we had to stop to help the lady with the pushchair out of the store, and then pick up the old man’s shopping bags that he dropped, and then run for the bus but still miss it. Do we really mean you’re welcome, any time, I’d do it again even if I knew what it would cost me?


When I welcome someone into my home, into my friends, into my church (with a small c), into my town, do I really mean, may this come out well for you, whatever the cost on my behalf, may I do all I can for this to bless and encourage you?


I hope I can be more fully welcoming. To love and to serve and to invite no matter the cost.


So to you I say.. welcome, welcome to my blog, and welcome to my life. May I serve you however you need. Although I know in many ways it will be you who blesses and serves me.





7 Comments on “Five Minute Friday : Welcome”

  1. “I’d do it again even if I knew what it would cost me” – AMEN! I love what you wrote. Praise the Lord! I know I am welcomed here. Thank you!

  2. Sydney says:

    I enjoyed your perspective on the word welcome and it’s meaning. Your definition will probably cross my mind next time I hear welcome. Thanks!

    May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  3. Tanika says:

    Keep working ,impressive job!

  4. Thank you. I feel welcome here. This post is beautiful.

  5. gold account says:

    That word… we welcome into homes, we tell others that they are welcome. But are they really?

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