31 Days: Proverbs 2

31 Days in Proverbs



It’s time for Proverbs 2, what with it being October 2nd.


This chapter is all about ow we need wisdom, and how it’s readily available to us if only we seek it out and ask (Thank goodness for that, ‘cos I sure need some!) If we embrace wisdom and instruction then we will be able to guard against temptation and live well.
Here’s a couple of verses that stood out to me:


Verses 4-5 (AMP)

“If you seek [Wisdom] as for silver and search for skillful and godly Wisdom as for hidden treasures, Then you will understand the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of [our omniscient] God.”

So fear of the Lord is beginning of knowledge of the Lord, we established that yesterday, but my question was how do I fear the Lord properly. Well here it says seeking skillful and godly wisdom will get me to understand good healthy fear of the Lord. Thanks for answering that question Solomon, you are helpful.



Verse 9 (AMP)

“Then you will understand righteousness, justice, and fair dealing [in every area and relation]; yes, you will understand every good path.”

I’d love to understand all those areas, and walk well in them. So I need to seek out wisdom and listen, good job I’m looking into proverbs this month!



Verse 21 (AMP)

“For the upright shall dwell in the land, and the men of integrity, blameless and complete [in God’s sight], shall remain in it”

Again we end of a promise (how lovely). Get wise and we’ll live well, good, and safe in the world.



Thanks for joining me. What did you think of this Chapter?

See you again tomorrow!


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