What does community look like?

She wrote me an email, well she wrote us an email, close friends and relatives all included; I really wasn’t very interested, it seemed long and things I knew she would soon recount to me over skype. I decided to save it till another day.


The “nother” day arrived. To read her familiar words was good, but over all I wasn’t that interested in the content. I sat there reading it emotionless. Emotionless that is until that one line, the line about a neighbor delivering a home-cooked meal upon their arrival home after a long journey, and the many text messages received welcoming them home. Suddenly my heart was aching and the tears were streaming. Such love and community demonstrated.


I miss that level of community. To really “do life” together. To be helped without having to ask. To be planned for even in your absence. To be showered in love and provision when you least expect.


Isn’t that what community is all about? To be sharing honestly and openly. To be living so closely no-one has to ask for help, the need is simply seen and tended to. To be loved when you’re least deserving. To care for others even when it doesn’t fit neatly into your schedule, to be aware at all time, to be fully in each moment, to fill the gap whether we feel like it or not. To support one another, to love each other, to be fully engaged in each others lives, to be there, and be all there. When it comes easily, and when we have to work hard at it.
All of the time.



What is your experience of community?

What do you think true community consists of?


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